Wednesday, July 27, 2005


This is compliments of Matthew's friend, the Curt Jester. I think it's a hoot!



Anonymous said...

Joachim has always thought Haugen-Haas to have a foul taste. Any composator/-trix whose favorite writing technique is the parallel fifth ought to be drawn and quartered. Joachim, however, does enjoy the feeling the repertoire of Marty Haugen and David Haas impart while sitting around a campfire. The soft, warm glow of the burning manuscripts sheds such a mellow light, although the smoke rising from the cinders does smell a bit rancid, like a burning plastic milk jug.

Brian Michael Page said...

All is correct, Joachim, except for the parallel fifts thingie. Peloquin did a lot of parallel fifths, and made it sound good.

The big thing that drives me nuts of H/H's writing is the constant sus 2 to 3's and sus 4 to 3's in the melody, often with the third in the bass.


Anonymous said...

Joachim nods his head to Brian. Parallel anything can be effective: of course even Bach used them now and then, but he made it work. H/H are not as clever, however. Lucky for them and their checkbook balances, neither is NPM.