Wednesday, August 3, 2005


This article from Clayton's "The Weight of Glory" blog is part of a "presentation" (given by a layperson in place of a homily) at St. Joan of Arc Church in Minneapolis.

It led me to surf the St. Joan site a bit further and makes me ponder a few questions like:
1) What kind of a circus are they running in Minneapolis? (Note: this was the question I started my comment with on Clayton's blog)
2) Would this be classified as "Alternative Catholic Worship"? (My diocese had this "Genesis Community" thing going on in the 1980's, as the "alternative" gig, which didn't last long, thank God!)
3) Who is the Ordinary in Minneapolis? and Why would an Ordinary in his right mind allow this kind of crap to happen?
4) What will happen to the 4500 families if the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI cracks his liturgical whip? (Please, Your Holiness, the sooner the better!)
5) Were they the inspiration for certain hot-selling composers of Catholic schlock?


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