Sunday, August 21, 2005


Ah yes - the cell phone. As George Carlin once said, "Technology has created these self-important twits." So true.

The cell phone does have its plus sides, you know. I take one with me to my day job, just in case the parish secretary calls to book me for a funeral, or in case my wife calls me up and says "Hi love. We need milk." It's a great little outlet to have on the road.

However, the cell phone also has its minus sides, too. One thing that drives me nuts is the jerk behind the steering wheel that's either all over the place, or driving a good 10-15 MPH UNDER the speed limit - while chatting away on the phone with a big grin, not a care in the world. No! the other drivers have to take on those cares, unfortunately.

Worse is the people that insist on bringing their cell phones to church - and LEAVING THEM ON! Many a time I'll hear a ringer go off right in the middle of Mass, and these people will actually get up, step out, and answer the dang thing. It's almost like saying "Hey God, can you hold on for a second? I got a call coming in!" I mean, if you're coming in to worship God, and receive Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament, can't you give him ONE HOUR (not even, in most cases) of your undivided attention? Seriously. Shut the phone off. If an emergency arises, then sure, call 911. Otherwise, let's be more considerate. Give our Lord his undivided attention while at Holy Mass. It's also more considerate for the others around you. One shouldn't have to be reminded during pre-Mass announcements to shut his/her phone off, or have signs at the entrance of the church. Common sense. But unfortunately, it's come to that.

Let's put the "Holy" back into "Holy Mass".

+In Christ,


Anonymous said...

One time we had one go off playing Ode to Joy right after we'd just sung God Created Earth and Heaven to the same tune. Ironic.

Bernard Brandt said...

At St. Andrew Russian Catholic Church, where I sing and pray, the first offense of such nonsense is punished by the looks of the fellow parishioners (and if looks could kill, the victim would be at the epicenter of a megaton blast); second offense is punished by flogging, and third offense by summary decapitation by the priest and deacon.

At present, we've had few offenses beyond the first one.