Saturday, November 15, 2008


Posted by Patrick Archbold (link is to his blog post which includes video footage), with an RSCT to Jeff Miller.

A few other Christmas rants and raves:

By the way, how will I be thanking my customers while in a Schwan's uniform as Christmas nears?
Thank you very much, and have a wonderful Christmas.
If the customer replies with "but I'm Jewish"...
Then have a wonderful Hanukkah.
If the customer replies with "but I'm an atheist"...
Then have a wonderful day anyways.

Kudos to Jo-Ann Fabrics for the huge banners (at their store's entrance) that say Let's Make Christmas Together! (albeit a bit early, but at least they're not afraid to say CHRISTMAS!)

I'm already boycotting three radio stations that are normally favorites of mine until Christmas is over: WWBB-FM (101.5 in Providence, aka "B-101"), WROR-FM (105.7 in Boston), and WODS-FM (103.3 in Boston, aka "Oldies 103.3"). These three have been playing non-stop "holiday favorites" (you know, that crap that passes for Christmas music these days) since freakin' All Saints Day. Again - I love Christmas, but when it's Christmas! If I want to listen to that crap non-stop, I'll go to a freakin' mall!

Finally, is it me or is the Salvation Army sending their bell ringers out a bit too early. Earlier this evening as my wife and I were exiting the nearby Shaw's supermarket, there was a bell ringer out there already doing her thing. Now I always throw in a buck or two here and there when I see them, especially as it gets closer to Christmas. Today I did rest this bell ringer assured that I will start throwing money in once it gets closer to Christmas. Thankfully she got her holidays straight and wished my wife and me a happy Thanksgiving (I know - our Canadian readers celebrated their Thanksgiving over a month ago, on our Columbus Day).

Oh, and here's the YouTube version of the Tossmas video. Big kudos to Stuart Shepherd!



Lyn F. said...

Yes, I heard that the Salvation Army was starting their bell-ringing campaign earlier this year. They blamed it on the bad economy, and thought, if they started earlier, they might have a ghost of a chance of obtaining a comparable amount of contributions this year as they have in years past.

Brian Michael Page said...

Which now leaves the musical question - what's the excuse for the radio stations' overkill?

Chris C. said...

I was going to say that I hadn't heard the ringers in NYC yet, and then sure enough, just last night they were outside of Penn Station already.

As for the radio stations, I just don't get it. Christmas Day I can understand, maybe Christmas Eve, but for a whole month or more? Before Thanskgiving even? Overkill is right. That music is going to be deader than a doornail come 12/25.

Brian Michael Page said...

I usually wait till Christmas Eve - then I put the radio on 99.5 (WCRB-FM Boston). It's a classical station that plays the orchestral and (really freakin' wicked good) choral versions of carols.

Through most of December, that station will play a few carols on occastion, but not non-stop 24/7 like most of the pop media. If I wanted to listen to that kind of overkill, I'd go to the freakin' mall.