Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I found this excerpt over at the Catholic New Media Roundup:

On the blogs:

Promo For Christus Vincit: The Blog

Woohoo: A blog Promo– and it was easy to find too– Brian posted it to the sidebar of the blog– a very good idea for bloggers and podcasters.

If you’re a Catholic Blogger who would like to have an audio promo for your blog I’m willing to act as a matchmaker between Catholic bloggers and podcasters who would be willing do do a short audio promo for blogs. Or if you are a Catholic blogger with audio equipment, you could do one yourself and send it to me– CurtJester

It's great to see the use of promos on blogs. I've had one for Christus Vincit ANYWHERE! and Christus Vincit TV (video promo) for quite some time now. So I had figured, "Why not one for the BLOG?" So, yup - it's on our sidebar so you can enjoy, barf at, play it on your podcast, whatever you want to do with it.


PS: Welcome, Sean, to the CV Definitve Blogroll!

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DominiSumus said...

That is funny. Good job.