Tuesday, March 24, 2009


...of those freakin' financial help scam commercials on the radio!

Until the last month or so, I have never heard so many commercials on the radio that want to help you be debt free, get rich quick, or enhance your sexual stamina! It seems that about 90% of the commercials on just about all the radio stations on my FM dial (except for public radio, which is commercial free), whether it be music or talk, pertain to one of those three things, or some similar outrageous BS! What's worse is the jerk that shouts out the toll-free phone number AT LEAST three or four times at the end of the commercial. It kind of goes like this...

Call now, 1-800-473-5527. That's 1-800-473-5527. Again 1-800-473-5527. Don't forget - that's 1-800-473-5527.

Get's annoying as hell, doesn't it?! To me it's even worse than e-mail spam (at least in my e-mail, spam has its own folder).

BTW, I specifically used the phone number 1-800-473-5527 to point out what these people are really selling. If you look carefully at the letters on your phone dial, 1-800-473-5527 is really 1-800-I-SELL-BS! Now THAT would be a little more honest, don'tcha think?


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