Thursday, March 12, 2009


This month's WTF award goes to certain members of the state legislatures of Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Rhode Island
The latest huge debate in Rhode Island's state house is - get this - to get a centuries-old official name changed. Of all freakin' things to worry about, certain members of the state's General Assembly want to remove the word "plantations" from the name "State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations", all because they think that the word "plantations" is equivalent to a racial slur - a certain word that rhymes with "bigger". PUH-FREAKIN-LEEZE! I cannot believe that these are our elected officials. Yes, folks, these are the idiots that we Rhode Islanders (on the whole) voted in.
That debate is ongoing as I write this.

Our next door neighbors to the west, Connecticut has a couple of no-minded legislators who tried to pass a bill giving the state control over the Catholic Church in that state, and stripping priests and prelates of any and all rights. This is obviously a blatant attempt to keep the Church out of issues such as abortion and gay marriage.
Thankfully, due to a rally presented by Connecticut's Catholics, the bill was killed.

These are the people that get voted into office. Sickening, I say!

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