Saturday, March 21, 2009


It is my great pleasure to welcome our newest snark to Christus Vincit - the BLOG!, Mr. SteveO (not to be confused with SteveO from the hit show, Jackass)! Steve is a longtime organist who (like former blog partners but still good friends Nick and Jason) knows where it's at in Catholic liturgy, and can piss off a left-winger just like any of us can - simply by telling it like it is!

Welcome aboard, Steve!

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Anonymous said...

Well, thank you, Brian. But hey, I've been called a jack....hey waitaminute buster, are you trying to get me in trouble here...

Yep, some of the napalmers get mighty riled up with me. And even a parishioner did several years ago - when he discovered that I couldn't be bought...that I was going to do outstanding music, etc. He googled my name and found my association with the Society for the moratorium of several famous leftwing composer music montary moneybaggers for the industry. Pastor backed me up, though....

Anyway, folks. I'll be sending out my first blog in short order, telling about my new ministry position. Hint: tradition! (Think "Fiddler on the Roof" here). And it's south of the Mason Dixon Line, which is good because I'm tired of the cold and the dark, and so is Katie (she's my gorgeous wife).

Happy neumes to you, until we chant again!