Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Don't Do This at Church!

I haven't done a Don't Do This at Church post in ages.  Today, I have a double feature for you!

First up:
This might soon get an endorsement from some of OCP's composers and N(a)P(al)M!  This is the newest innovation in liturgical abuse that might hit the market soon - it's the Air Guitar!  Now you too can join the "praise band" that you've always wanted to join but didn't have the skills of a real guitarist.  You can get on that stage, you know, the one the praise band uses just enough up front to take away from Who's being sacrificed at the altar, and play chords, screw them up, and no one will notice.  Because you're playing AIR!


Dateline: DETROIT - A bishop sings from the pulpit during his homily and plays the ukulele!  (Full story: Church Militant; Out of respect for them, I will not post the picture or the video from their page; instead, I will refer you to them.)
Yes, a Roman Catholic bishop sings and plays the ukulele from the pulpit at (of all churches) the venerable Assumption Grotto Church in Detroit, where music and liturgy is very reverent any other day.  A bright note: the organist cut in and started playing "plein jeu" (that is, "full organ").  Being in the same key (my perfect pitch says key of A) with Bishop Donald Hanchon (who I like to refer to as the Most Reverend Don Ho), it seemed as if the organist was actually accompanying the Bishop.  At the end, you can clearly hear he was playing a tune far more appropriate for the Confirmation Mass they were playing: Veni, Creator Spiritus.

With all due respect, dear Bishop, DON'T DO THIS AT CHURCH!

Quod scripsi, scripsi!

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