Sunday, May 22, 2016

Gott Vater, sei Gepriesen (and Keep It Real, Part Deux)

Today, Trinity Sunday, I'm sure most Catholic parishes have used the tune Gott Vater, sei Gepriesen with the hymn Sing Praise to Our Creator (those with World Library Publications hymnals/missalettes) and O God, Almighty Father (almost everyone else).


How many are lucky enough to use THIS hymn (to the same tune)?

God Father, praise and glory
Thy children bring to thee;
Thy grace and peace to mankind
Shall now for ever be.

O Most Holy Trinity,
Undivided Unity,
Holy God, mighty God,
God immortal be adored.

And thou, Lord, co-eternal,
God's sole begotten Son,
O Jesus, King anointed,
Who hast redemption won.  R./

O Holy Ghost, Creator,
Thou gift of God Most High;
Life, love, and sacred unction (OR: Life, love, and holy wisdom)
Our weakness now supply.  R./

The only three post-Vatican II hymnals published in the United States that I know of that use God Father, Praise and Glory are Worship (1971, aka "Worship I"), Worship II (1975), and Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Canticles (1984, Ted Marier's brainchild).  None of these hymnals are any longer in print.

When I played the Aeolian-Skinner organ at Precious Blood Church in Woonsocket (1989-1997), I was lucky enough to get the pastor at that time, Fr. Rene Gagne, to switch from the typewritten hymnal that was planted there for a few years (I won't comment on the bulk of that material, just use your imagination) to Worship II, while it was still in print.  If I remember correctly, Worship II fell out of print shortly after - I think within a year.  I remember calling GIA from a pay phone while working a day job (thankfully it was an 800 number), and the sales rep asked me, "Are you sure you don't want the third edition?" (Worship - Third Edition, aka "Worship III", had already been out for four years, and the original Gather for two years).  My reply was something to the tune of "Our music is primarily traditional and I'd like our congregation to sing authentic texts".  Not to mention the difference in total price between 500 copies of Worship II and 500 copies of Worship III was about a G-note in favor of Worship II, and that's not counting any choir or accompaniment books.

When I played the Hook and Hastings/Laws organ at Holy Name of Jesus Church in Providence (1999-2003), we had the OCP missal and muzak issue at first.  Being, again, a primarily traditional parish (apart from a gospel choir singing one of the Masses three times a month) that celebrates Holy Mass in both Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms, I needed more solid hymnody than what OCP had to offer.  So I would make up monthly/seasonal supplements to stick in the back sleeve of the music issue cover.  At the time, OCP had only All Praise and Glad Thanksgiving for its "Gott Vater" offering, so I added God Father, Praise and Glory to the supplement.  After a year, we switched to Worship III and dumped that music issue that had (and still has) lots of issues.  I stopped using supplements after that, as most of the Psalm settings we used at the time were already in Worship III (and yes, we secured permissions!).  As a result, we used O God, Almighty Father, which I really don't mind.  Fr. Udulutsch wrote a good solid text.

I like O God, Almighty Father.  I miss, however, God Father, Praise and Glory.

Quod scripsi, scripsi!


Sara Piazza said...

I was a recent recipient of the Marier hymnal - organist/choir edition :-) A treasure.

Brian Michael Page said...

I had a pew edition from about 1986 until November 14, 2003, when our dwelling succumbed to the infamous (and I do mean "infamous") Pawtucket (RI) mill fire. My family and I lost everything in that fire.
I've been fortunate enough to acquire a soft copy of the choir/organ edition in 2010. It most certainly is a treasure!