Friday, May 18, 2007


Has anyone ever gotten this gut feeling that comedian Stephen Colbert really is Catholic and loving it? Or is it just another comic act? The more I watch him, the more I think the former. After all, he once recited the Apostles Creed on his show, knows The King of Glory enough to do a comic dance to it, albeit really goofy, and this quote (Red Sox cap tip to our friendly neighborhood Catholic Caveman):
But I'm not speaking against [Presidential Candidate Gov. Mitt Romney] being a Mormon. In fact, I consider all religions equal. And by equal, I mean they're all tied for 2d place behind Catholicism. (emphasis mine)

The other modern comic I really like these days, btw, is Larry the Cable Guy. IMO, he's THE funniest living redneck. He tells it like it is and will make it perfectly clear that the holiday that falls on December 25th is CHRISTMAS!



Puff the Magic Dragon said...

No, He really is a practising Catholic. It was discussed somehwere and proven, though I can't cite it at the present moment.

Cathy said...

Yeah, it's pretty well known that SC is Catholic.
He even teaches CCD, as he mentioned on Conan.
I think he's sort of 'cafeteriaish', sort of mocks the RCC's stance on ESCR, etc., but he's no Nancy Pelosi or anything.
Type "Catholic" in the search box.
("Lutherans" is also another funny page.)
You know who's a really funny Catholic comedian? Jim Gaffigan. Search the web for 'Jim Gaffigan quotes.' He's got some hilarious stuff, but NEVER irreverent.
He talks about his wife always trying to get him into confession, etc...

Cathy said...

Actually, here ya go:
If you get a chance to see Gaffigan's 'Beyond the Pale' gig on Comedy Central, it's hilarious.