Saturday, May 26, 2007


From the Catholic Caveman, with my own replies. His post is funny, but on the most part true.

~ Everyone owned Frampton Comes Alive and Cheap Trick Live at Budokan.
Close. I owned Frampton Comes Alive and Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo.

~ Your high school had a smokers section.
Ours had four outdoor smoking areas.

~ You remember when relief pitchers didn't run on to the field... they rode out in a golf cart.
And as far as I'm concerned, Fenway Park had the coolest looking cart back then. The body was a baseball (cut open for your driving safety, of course) and a Red Sox cap. This thing was way cool!

~ The Ocean Pacific brand constituted most of your clothing.
Never wore them, I don't think.

~ Not only do you know what "three on the tree" means, your first vehicle was a POS that really had a three on the tree tranny.
I'm guessing that was the three-speed standard on the column. I didn't own one, but knew friends that did. My first car: a 1969 Olds Cutlass S (three-speed automatic, or as we called them then, trashomatic, on the column).

~ The Datsun 240-Z was considered the "rich kid" car.
The rich chick at our school had a 1969 Chevy Camaro - mint condition. Her father owned a Chevy dealership.

~ White tube socks with the three colored stripes at the top.
My daughter Jessica, almost 20 now, just told me that they're making a comeback.

~ Ash trays in public restrooms.
When I was smoking, anytime a can didn't have an ash tray, I would use the floor, or lift my right cheek ever so slightly and flick the ashes into the twahlette. My wife and I are now going on sixteen months smoke free!

~ Place kickers kicked the ball straight on. None of that namby-pamby "soccer style" off to the left, stuff. Where have you gone, George Blanda?

~ Rabbit ears. And you only got three channels. Five on a good day.
With our rabbit ears, we got the four Providence channels (back then those were 6, 10, 12, and 36), plus the Boston channels (back then those were 2, 4, 5, 7, 38, 44, and 56). The Boston channels were somewhat snowy, so you had to make some adjustments. For quite some time the parlor TV had a rotary antenna, so we basically would set it at southeast for the RI stations, and anywhere between north and northeast for the Boston stations.

~ Major League Baseball had the ugliest uniforms.... ever.
Come on! Those Astros uniforms were way cool, man! And who could forget those pajamas that the White Sox once passed off as uniforms.

~ "Disco Sucks" bumper stickers.
We had those, and "Iran Sucks" stickers too! Also, "Honk if you love Jesus" was a big one, especially in the mid '70's. But nothing beats that George Carlin sticker: Honk if your horn is broken.

~ 57 cent a gallon gasoline.
That's what it was right about the time I got my driver's license.

~ You weren't sure if that new running shoe was pronounced "uh-dee-duz" or "ahh-dee-daahz".
Not only was I not sure, but I didn't care either. he he he!

~ Rock bands recorded 16 minute drum solos.
I don't know about 16 minutes, but the unforgettable epics for me would be the 11-minute 100,000 Years from the Kiss Alive album, and that 17-minute In a Gadda da Vida, which was an entire side of Iron Butterfly's live album.

~ Those new fangled battery powered calculators that cost well over $100.00
The solar calculators were more than that, weren't they?

~ Frank Frazetta paintings on vans, most done poorly.

~ Good girls had the Dorothy Hamill hairstyle... easy chicks had the Farrah Fawcett 'do.

~ The cops would allow "the least drunk" guy to drive everyone home.
Yup to all of these last three.


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Paul Stokell said...

That seemed more like an '80's list, but cripes that hit home!

Only difference being that in the '80's folks in the Bo-Prov that wanted to be "uppity" subscribed to Preview (ah, the days of scrambled porn) and had the big honking antenna facing Boston.

Only "guidos" wore OP, unless you lived within a ten minutes' drive to the beach.