Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10 4 at CTK CC TX

Is that a big 10-4 buddy?

Sorry, but I can't let St. Francis' Day go by without acknowledging the much loved saint and patron of our beloved adored and idolized pets..... even though the Temple piece is sort of trite, it's pretty enough and as we all know, people love it. Dealing with the fact that the poor saint probably never wrote a prayer like that is as tough to deal with as finding out from Holy Mother the Church that St. Christopher probably never existed. BUT I LIKED THE STORY ANYWAY!!!

So this week we begin singing the new Communion hymn - AT THE OFFERTORY... does this prove I'm a gnut case (g is silent).... or that I'm a flaming liberal????

Processional: For the Beauty of the Earth - Dix
Offertory: Deck Thyself, My Soul, With Gladness - Schmuecke Dich, o meine Seele
Recessional: Prayer of St. Francis - Temple

Other stuff is the typical: Tone II for the Introit and Communio
Psalm chanted antiphonally, to tone II
Kyrie, Gloria (Angeles), Sanctus, Mortem, Agnus - Jubilate Deo collection.

And our kids love the Latin chants.... go figure. (Is it because they're rebellious or just because they know God loves it, too?)



Unknown said...

Brian, Welcome to the wonderful world of "Francescana!" And where we would be without Temple's version of the Peace Prayer? As long as people know & siong it, what more can we ask for? Happy feast day!
Michael T., OFM Conv.

Brian Michael Page said...

Michael, this is SteveO's post you're commenting on, but thank you anyways.
My post is the one above it. I also used "Make me a channel", as well as "All creatures of our God and King", which St. Francis also wrote.