Thursday, September 24, 2009


So this week, for the first time in my teaching career and in music ministry, I told a class of 2/3 graders to SHUT UP. They had been quietly told by me, for a minimum of ten minutes, to get ready to sing, turn around, face the front of the room.

Now, a father is pisssed that I did this. The asst. principal thinks I was totally wrong and should NEVER under any circumstances do this, because after all, the kids don't understand... what the fuck don't they understand? Obedience? I'm not a kissy assy sort of person and it's difficult for me to understand when any educator or their bosses (in any area or level) are petrified of parents. Especially in a parochial school. Kids need to behave.

So the fireworks went off. I was confronted by this issue without warning...which is not a good thing for me, because my mind tends to not respond well to this sort of thing. I need time to quiet my sorry ass down, and think of a civil response..... should there be one.

Other students in the class readily knew they had crossed the line - actually all of them did, and you could see it by the look on their faces and the wide open mouths....which very quickly closed. Within a few seconds of my saying the forbidden words (I'm now not allowed to say such things - the first time I've ever been censored).... the kids were having a wonderful time getting on with the music class. And the did wonderfully. At the end of the class, I asked them how they thought things went after the final quiet down. They all agreed that the class was fun. And it was.

But now it doesn't really matter because I'm never supposed to have said those shut up words in the first place. It's not like I said for them to shut the f up....which I never would have done, but probably a lot of parents have said that to their kids (unfortunately).... And I was not supported in my actions, but reprimanded without being "written up"....

If a few parents would smack the snot out of their kids butts once in a while, teachers wouldn't have to put up with the stuff that usually comes out.... and mostly from people who keep their tongues very firmly stuck in those places... Do you think I'm a tad bit upset?????

The sad irony is that I absolutely adore these kids. And they truly love me. I treat them fairly. I love them and show them the respect they deserve as children of God; the know that they are special to me - but they also know that if they cross the forbidden lines, they will have to pay a price. But I'm not a mean ol' sombitchgrouch. Ask any kid. It's only adults who ... well, what I've already said is enough......

I cut out all the faldorah with the odler kids. You know what happened? Their behavior improved over night. Their attitude toward their music improved and went on to the next higher level...... and THEY STILL HAD A FUN TIME IN MUSIC CLASS.......

But heaven forbid that i should tell them to shut up. I might get fired.

God, please send your Church on earth, priests and administrators with balls of steel, and full of love and a total knowledge and understanding of the necessary balance between law and Gospel.... and the common sense to know when they should themselves just SHUT UP!

Shutting up for now....I remain faithfully in Christ, a loudmouthedsombitch...



Al said...

So you told them to "Shut UP". BFHD*!!!

What were you supposed to do to get them to quiet down after 10 minutes of their ignoring your authority????

I have a few choice words for that assistant principal. But here is not the place for them. But i would like to know what part of the anatomy his/her head is currently located at.

As for that father, something tells me that that child rules the roost at home & is possible the biggest spoiled brat arround. (Hope I am wrong, suspect not.) The kid is in for a rude awaking when he/she grows up.

1 last question, did the Asst principal give you any viable alternatives (emphasis on viable)? Or were you just told not to say shut up?

Anyhow, bravo on your Sister Mary Elephant imitation.

* Big Fat Hairy Deal

Brian Michael Page said...

Sounds to me like your typical angry parent, acting like their kids' (and their own) shit don't stink.

Unknown said...

I was told we should never say "those words" and further more, at staff, we were admonished to not even yell....they want us to be the stepford teachers like in the videos from the A Beka curriculum (A SOUTHERN BADTITS thing)for language arts..... I almost quit...honest.

This morning before Mass the guy came to try to soothe things over. He's forgiven, but there will be a next time and he'll be more authoritative. You know less authority bigger perception of the you know whatseseseses....

Motherhen said...

It's so annoying when parents think their children never act up. So what, you said "shut up" in a loud voice. Big deal, will it scar the child forever. Please.

Sorry that this happened, I do feel bad for teachers who's admin won't back them up.

Argent said...

So yell, "Silentium!!!!" in your biggest voice.

Then you'll get complaints from parents....oooooh, he's, he's teaching La-la-latin....didn't Vatican II make it illegal?

Unknown said...

This is one I have JUST GOT to remember!!!! Thanks for the idea. (Then they can write it 500 times... or conjugate it!!!