Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Many More Hours must they suffer?

Last evening we had the pta... under a different set of initials, but basically the same thing.... all the school kids were required to be present - and their teachers, as well. This after having been in school since at least 7.45 in the morning.... so, after school, kids and teachers got a brief reprieve, but had to be back on property. The meeting was at 6.30. And I had to be there, too.... this stuff sucks and you'll soon know why:

The first hour was spent with adults gabbing about the upcoming fall festival (actually a fund raiser, but using God and the saints as the reason for dressing up in nasty outfits....I don't understand)... Then the kids FINALLY got to do their thing: AT 7 FREAKING THIRTY IN THE EVENING. Most of these kids are usually in bed by 8pm.... but Father wants...... (he doesn't have kids, doesn't spend hours with them in the classroom each day and doesn't have to feed a family and get them to and from....etc. - the problem?)

The kids were a delight, although extremely tired. Even my 4-6 graders who were present were exhausted.

So the older kids sang the weather report and information about pesky mosquitoes, to tone II. Then they educated the adults about fun use of Tone VIII, by invoking two lines from Supercalifragi.... Then, we played the game "Are you smarter than Mr. O's music students?" The kids won.

1. Who composed Mozart's 42nd Symphonie?
2. Why was Beethoven deaf?
3. What are the main parts of a hymn?
4. What is metre
5. How many syllables in LM?

1. WAM composed 41 symphonies.
2. Because he couldn't hear
3. text and tune
4. #syllables in a phrase/verse
5. 8888

Then the kids and I tore off property as quickly as possible..... except for my brief talk with two parents regarding the detention their 1st grader got for fighting in class.

Another fun day in the parochial school......

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Motherhen said...

I feel your pain. After a full day of work (for dh), football practice (for ds #1) homework for both, dinner, etc, we had to go to the school for a PTA meeting.

After like 3 minutes of school "business" the PTA hosted a "quiz bowl" with the teachers & staff competing against each other. The parents were so bored, they sat in the stands and talked w/each other. The only reason I stuck around till the end was because I had bought a 50/50 ticket and wanted to see if I had won the money.

Needless to say, I doubt I'll attend another of the PTA meeting. Anything they might have of value to say is lost in the silliness of the "entertainment".