Friday, September 25, 2009

School Mass at CTK CC TX

No prelude - not allowed..... (but I did play through the hymn tunes to remind the kids...)

Processional - O Praise Ye the Lord - Laudate Dominum (from TH1982, with the free accompt by Parry) - the kids were phenomenal! And on pitch, too. That part was really nice.....when we got to the line about "loud organ....deep tone" the kids really punched the volume up, and the reeds came on! Hoooooooweeeeee

Introit - Tone II
Psalm - chanted in its entirety, in unison, Tone II (excellent work by the kids yet again)
Alleluia - we've started doing one by Theodore Marier, who should be sainted for just about single handedly keeping decent music going in Boston archd.

Offertory - The Call - R. V. Williams (the kids love knowing that his 1st name was pronounciated in Rafael. They think they're so smart. It's really funny watching them on this stuff (they also loved the GUS in Holsts first name...being born in England)....

Communion - Tone II

Hymn later in Communion - Let All Mortal Flesh - Picardy (a favorite of theirs, which meant I got to do some free accompt. work with them again)

Recessional - God, My King - Stuttgart. I thought the kids were Anglicans the way they sang this (they had learned it early last year).

Postlude: O That I Had a Thousand Voices - Ernst Pepping

The K5 & 1st graders could be heard going to town on the Snow diddly of the Lord's Prayer. This was the first time this year, that they really let loose (they're allowed to open up, so long as they follow the rule: Bel Canto).... they were sitting on the stoop outside the school office a few minutes ago, waiting for their teach, who had to do something in the... and they were like "Mr. Ohmer! Did you hear us sing today? Did we do good? Better than last time? Better than in class yesterday?

It's moments like this that cause me to allow moments like yesterday afternoon to sort of become foggy and hazy.....

Finally have full speed internet - I've had a poor wireless signal here in the remote wilderness on property, but yesterday the cable got plugged into my cpu and linked me to the rest of the bots.... wow. It's faster. Gotta like that. Now if they'd just get the dagnabbed bathroom in!


ps----sorry for all the cussin lately. As you can tell, I'm more than frustrated.......

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