Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't Go, Sir! You Can't Leave, Sir!

So the newly assigned interim principal came to collect keys from me Thursday, following the Mass, and to tell me that I had a royal request to meet with him and the Pastor later that day. Told him I was busy - which I was. He also got told that what I was doing was not his business, which is wasn't. Principal was telling me that "we need your keys, sir." I guess he learned to talk like that in principal school at the Moody. I told him no keys until I had all my belongings. My belongings, which include an outstanding organ works library are more valuable than anything I own. Too many years working for all that to let it be held for ransom (which I doubt the Pastor would ever do, by the way).

The parish Fall festival is from 5.30-10.30 tonight. Hope they have a terrific crowd. The weather is absolutely marvelous for such an event (rain, rain, stay away).

But sometime Saturday I will meet with the Pastor. Firing a person is never easy. Quitting a position is never easy, either - even when you know the position is only meant for a stick puppet, or someone who doesn't mind being micromanaged.

So I think I've learned the lessons.... we can pray anyway... ;-)
1. When you see red flags quickly hoisted up the flagpole, be polite and run like hell in the opposite direction. The Holy Spirit gives us immediate insight into situations, but we have to be willing to see them, and act on them when we do.

2. Don't think that you can do something which is impossible. It ain't possible. Even for a puppet. A puppet will always have someone's hand where you don't want it - moving your body where it just ain't natural.

3. When you are told to be careful of whom you are able to trust, consider the source. There is always a reason for that. (As in the new series "V", when the vixon says to the interviewer, "Just try not to ask any questions that might put us in a bad light.".... (she'll probably eat him for dinner later....)

4. If a person won't compromise, then one of the two parties is probably not going to ever be able to make headway in a sacred music program.... Which means simply that when a person has their mind made up down to the nth detail, a real, creative and successful musician will never be happy, or stand a chance to be used by the Holy Spirit to bring about a wonderful music ministry.

In all, my experiences have been wonderful. I love the people of the parish. They are real, not phoniebalonies. The children? Their home life and situation is not the most important thing in the world when I teach. Each individual child is a gift from God to me as well as their families. Never have I had so many high-five's, hugs, kind emails, pictures drawn, etc. Even on the "dark days" they made life totally livable. Plus they sound very nice, considering they've not really had vocal training! And to think that about 85% of them make it into head tone in the early part of class, amazes me. The few who don't just need a bit more individual/small group attention.

So please keep everyone in your prayers. The pastor, the associate, the parents, the students, the teachers and other staff. They all need them.

In another post, I'll share how the situation could have been made wonderful - within the fine art of compromise (without anyone losing their dream of an outstanding final product).

God's blessings,

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