Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get Real, Priestie

So Sunday was the school Mass: the usual fare for us, except that the kids (2-6 graders) were singing a tune which I composed in 1981: Christe qui Lux, sung to the text by Fred Pratt Green, Christ is the World's Light. They were nervous... our routine was totally obliterated.... my classroom has been totally emptied in preparation for the haunted house (and you don't want me to get started on that one).... so no classes in the classroom for one week, I was told. This also meant that there was no choir rehearsal, no planning work, no computer work.....nothing, nada, zilch....zero.... you get the idea.

So we had to do something none of us like to do: warm up in the nave. It was difficult to get the kids to up their volume, but they did - until more people started coming in.

The piece was to be sung at the offertory. The volume - quite low. But the tone, beautiful. All the kids, except one, in head tone (am I good or what? Or at least humble?)

At the announcement time after the post-communion prayer, the priest told how nice it was to see the students there... and thanked them for bringing the gifts forward, and reading, and serving. And the choir... "I heard you very well on the Agnus Dei, but it was very soft on the Christ is the World's Light."

One teacher came to me afterwards - FURRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUS....and then she heard my take on it. Her furious was just pussyfutting around. I gave her the real anger story.... she agreed!!!!!!

How dare ANYONE, especially a priest, come down on the kids like that!!!! At Mass. In front of all the parents and parishioners. He's a balless, spineless wonder.

If I had a kid there and he did that, it would be the last time......

He thinks that because these people are not upper middle class hispanic folks, that they are somehow lacking good taste, excellent theology, good upbringing..... this priest is racist to the core, and a jackass to the end.

Have I spilled enough of my feelings, yet...to get the point across.

Fortunately, Katie will return home tomorrow afternoon, after a two month absence (taking care of her parents in TN)......

Dooley and I will be fine and happy! Tomorrow afternoon.

Gotta run. The stomach calls.

All this reminds me of the Carol Burnett take off years ago...... As the Stomach Turns.

And to all a good nunc dimit.


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