Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sine Musica Sine Labora Sine ME

It's over, of course. We all knew it was coming. The reason? Well, part of it, I understand, was non compliance. The real reason? Christus Vincit blog... well, more specifically, the things that I have written here. I was told that it was not a good thing for me to air the dirty laundry out here to the world. But the world knows there is plenty of dirty laundry. Often times, just airing the laundry helps to freshen it just a bit when you can't get down to just washing it. Get the analogy? Can't have a pastoral change, so air the grievances so that he will read them, and the comments, and hopefully begin to understand that no priest is a dictator. He is ordained, but not made dictator to micromanage the work of others who are called to serve Christ and His Church.

When I approached the boss with the mistrust issue, it was simply cast aside with the statement of "I trust you. You do a lot of things here. Micromanagement is my style, and it is how I get things done." In other words, he doesn't trust anyone, and basically doesn't give a crapload of crap about the Divine nature of the calling of people to service in the Church. His opinion is simply that since he wears the collar, all others should wear..... a dog collar. Heel. Sit. Attend extra meetings. Here, do this this way. Be more strict with your class - you're too friendly with the kids. Every class should be run like a liturgy, with the kids entering the classroom the same way every day, sitting in the same seat every day, having every part of the lesson at the same time every day. What a load of bullshi*. Sorry, folks, but I couldn't just say *hit and not have a guilty conscience. This is a man (the priest - not me, although I AM a man, of course) who has never spent time in a classroom, with kids. Especially in music. Music is not taught the same way as math, science, religion, language arts. Although music does incorporate all those other disciplines. What thepriest does do is have an "assembly" once each month, on Catholic Culture, where the older grades are lectured, in a quiet, low toned monologue, albeit including some questions. Of course the kids mostly behave there. He's a priest. He's not a real person. If he were to teach in the classroom without the collar, and without anyone knowing he's a priest, and had to be addressed simply as Mr. . . . , well, then, he might begin - MIGHT, I say, begin to have a tiny bit of respect for real teachers, and get off the glory horse of saving a dying school and parish (which is not the case).

My parting words, after I was told that it would take a long time to find a replacement for me, was "Well, keep reading the blogs." I hope he does. He's a nice guy, generally. Humility is not his suit, and there is this entire convoluted style of how people need to be managed. It's something I still find very distatesful. Especially after meeting the staff and faculty - all of whom (well, with the exception of one returning faculty, and two new ones) are exceptionally skilled and talented, and just downright lovely persons who regularly share and show the love of our Blessed Redeemer.

God's blessings to all.
SteveO. . . the unemployed


Motherhen said...

I'm afraid these priests take everything they read way too seriously. Yes, if you read something about yourself you don't like, you can change it or you can ignore it. But, sheesh people, it's just one person's opinion. As in anything else, there's another opposing opinion.

We're finding the same thing about our own priest and his reading of blogs and then turning around and being all paranoid. It's shameful, if you ask me. Isn't a man of God supposed to let stuff like that roll off his back?

Sorry you got fired. I'm hoping you can find another job quickly.

Brian Michael Page said...

Kind of the same thing that happened to Jason. That's exactly what it is, Paula - paranoia!

Apparently some people fell asleep in social studies class when the topic of freedom of speech came up.

Sorry your stay was cut so short, Steve.


Anonymous said...

to quote my old friends, Bartles and James, "thank you for your support."

Will post the later post on the Colonel and his funeral.

Scelata said...

Oh dear.... if I weren't quite certain that my name is not Steve I would wonder if I had written that post.
(Never actually canned, but came mighty close until an uneasy truce was reached.)
St Joseph, patron of workers, intercede for us all.
All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)