Thursday, November 10, 2011


Sunday XXXIII of Ordinary Time - November 13, 2011
Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, RI

Ah yes, the tale of the Dirty Tree. NO, this isn't the Gospel passage for Sunday. It's part of an episode of Men from Maine that I was listening to on WROR-FM (105.7 Boston). "Lem" is at a job interview at this drugstore in Bangor, ME, when the boss gave him a test.

Boss: OK now, without using actual numbers, represent for me the number 9.
(Lem scribbles)
Boss: You just drew three trees.
Lem: That's right, 'cuz tree, plus tree, plus tree, equals nine.
Boss: Alright, alright. Represent for me the number 99.
(Lem scribbles once again)
Boss: You just drew smudges over all those trees.
Lem: That's right, 'cus dirty tree, plus dirty tree, plus dirty tree, equals ninety-nine.
Boss: Oh, alright. Just... show me the number 100.
(And again, Lem scribbles)
Boss: You just drew poop in front of all those trees.
Lem: That's right, 'cus dirty tree and a turd, times tree, equals a hundred.

Anyhoo, here's the music for Sunday 33:

H-398 We love the place, O God / "Quam Dilecta"
Gloria: Roman Missal, 2010
Blessed are those who fear the Lord / Batastini/Gelineau
Alleluia: Murray
H-573 Go, labor on! spend and be spent / "Angel's Song (Song 34)"
Sanctus and Memorial / Roman Missal chant, 2010
Amen / adapted from "Sanctus VIII"
Agnus / Roman Missal chant, 2010
Ave Verum / Perosi
H-223 Jesus, Son of Mary / "Adoro Te"
H-600 Ye holy angels bright / "Darwall's 148th"

Keep your trees clean!

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