Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Completely adapted from the Mode IV chant Conditor Alme Siderum. Originally compiled as part of a collection I did called Acclamations for Advent, basically a Mass for Advent, as it does not include the Gloria (omitted by the rubrics anyways), and completely adapted to the chant tune.

The Alleluia includes the proper verse for each of the four Sundays, as given in the Lectionary for Mass and the Gregorian Missal. As a result, there are two options for two of the Sundays, three options for the Fourth Sunday (the Lectionary itself has two options, according to year).

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Also included is the legal right to reproduce as many copies as needed for your parish musicians, choristers, celebrant, and congregation. To purchase, please e-mail me. No orders will be accepted via the "Comments" link (though the "Comments" link will be available for feedback purposes). For parish use only. Check or money order must be received before processing (choice of e-mail a .pdf file or snail-mail to your parish).

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The Leper said...

I do a gospel acclamation I wrote based on Conditor Alme Siderum as well.
The other parts of the ordinary, the PIPs didn't pick up quite so readily and the pastor who has a horror of
1. the people not singing
2. anything that smacks of chant or Latin
nixed them.
Ah well.
He just nixed any further use of the Jubilate Deo Agnus or Sanctus as well, so it won't be long before we're All Haugen, All the Time.
I should quit, but apres moi, le deluge.
Am I a coward for staying or am I a coward if I quit?
Bangin my head against the wall is becoming tiresome.

Brian Michael Page said...

"He just nixed any further use of the Jubilate Deo Agnus or Sanctus as well, so it won't be long before we're All Haugen, All the Time."

That was my former pastor (not Holy Name, but the pastor where I was at between Holy Name and Holy Ghost). He would give the Latin maybe a week or two and just give up. At Holy Ghost, my boss decided let's keep it going for a few months at a time and they'll get it eventually (they'll have to). So last year I kept the Sanctus and Agnus (XVIII) going from November right through Holy Week. We now use these once a month. The same deal is going this year with the Anamnesis (Mortem tuam annuntiamus).

Never quit. The right pastor will come along. The younger generation of priests seems to be doing quite well (from my experience anyways).


Brian Michael Page said...

My current boss simply told the people (upon introducing Latin, and reverent music) that "This is how Holy Mother Church wants us to worship". We lost a few at first, but many gone because of damage before me have returned.