Friday, February 13, 2009

Ave atque Vale

Well, folks, this is it. My final post on Christus Vincit. After a long while of commenting on the blog, I've decided to retire from the church politics scene, and close a life chapter. It's been an interesting ride since the mid 1990's when I became a "convert", but I never really achieved becoming a "catholic". I was always just a convert. This, I attribute to my strict Lutheran upbringing. All those years, I was really still a Protestant who happened to go to mass. I was still a Protestant organist who played the Roman liturgy like a Lutheran -- with vigor and worshipful leadership. My views were informed, like it or not, by how I was raised, and bolstered by an in-born Prussian obstinance. As a result, I was always a square peg as a catholic, too tolerant, yet too conservative at the same time. I confess that I'm happier now than ever having found my new/old church home. I don't regret going through the "conversion" process way back when -- it was a delightful experience growing from the rebellious and outrageous phase of a zealous 20-something. It wasn't a mistake. Just a "happy fault". With that, I bid you all a hearty "ave atque vale". Keep reading your Herodotus and your Pliny. There is much to discover in them.


Motherhen said...

Jason, I'll miss you, both on the blog and in The Church. You brought much toward furthering my journey towards a deeper Faith. There are so many "if only" that I could say, but what good would it do.

God bless you on your new journey.

Bear said...

I wish you well.

But you speak of your feelings in the Church. What do your feelings have to do with anything? Either the Church is right or it is not. Our feelings are, and always were, irrelevant. Switching because it feels better is nothing but narcissism.

Brian Michael Page said...

Jason, you will be sincerely missed, brother snark! But I guess a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Keep in touch.

Lyn F. said...

I'll miss seeing your posts, Jason. I hope we can keep in touch. Good luck with all your endeavours.