Sunday, February 1, 2009


Damian Thompson has posted a liturgy video - pretty much the UK version of those liturgies at the infamous Los Ahn-ga-leeze Religious Mis-edu-ma-cation Congress (aka "MahonyFest" - btw, the 2009 version should be coming to Anaheim pretty soon - brace yourselves!).

In the same post, Damian mentioned that Bobbie Mickens expressed his tears of disappointment when he learned that Cdl. Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI nearly four years ago. He's now crying foul at the Holy Father's Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, something he predicted at the beginning of Pope Benedict's papacy.

Similarly, when Summorum Pontificum was released, you might remember than an Italian prelate also shed tears of sadness, saying that all of Abp. Bunigni's work is "cancelled". In light of that, as part of CVA #88 (for you rookies, that's episode 88 of Christus Vincit ANYWHERE!, posted on July 13, 2007), I had included a three-minute clip called Liturgy 911, where our distinguished liturgy cops Papa Joe Ratzi and Frank A. Rinze cheer up the distraught bishop.

Listen to that three-minute clip here!


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