Thursday, February 12, 2009


First, this one, which the Carolina Cannonball dubbed "The Glory Tambourine":

Then the fish shaker, sent to me by Rich (of Catholic Light fame) via e-mail:

I can distinctly remember such a fish design on a blue Chevy van (similar to the typical non-denominational "church bus") back in the 70's, owned by a heavily "charismatic" family who made it a point to attend the 7 PM folk Mass every Saturday evening. True story.

Of both these tambourines, I offer you another image of something I used to see prancing up Massachusetts Avenue in Boston during my Berklee days - people with bald heads wearing white togas (who were NOT members of the Delta Tau Xi fraternity of Animal House fame, I might add!).


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Chris C. said...

I wonder how long before the "Darwin" tambourine makes an appearance?