Monday, February 2, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that at my shop we make handmade lace mantillas for traditional Catholics? We will also prepare quantities of lace for altar linens and liturgical vesture. Lace can be made from practically any fiber: wool, cotton, silk, etc. If you order a lace item, it takes a bit of time to make it -- hand-made is not machine made -- so depending upon how long the queue is of custom knitted/crocheted/or Belgian Lace items, is the time line you may be looking at before delivery. Just stop in or email me for info. Smaller lace items (like mantillas) have a quicker turn-around, of course. If you have a daughter/grand-daughter, family friend making First Communion in May, order pretty soon. We can also knit lace gloves for the ceremony as well as socks -- I know at least one parish here in town requires its girls to wear bobby socks and Mary Janes. Can't help with the MJ's, but we surely can produce a pair of fine silk socks knit specifically for your first communicant. Baptismal gowns for babies are also popular -- paired with a cap and booties, or just the gown, or simply a lace edging for a fabric gown.

Of course, we can make any knitted or crocheted item you might want to be handmade: sweaters, hats, scarves, as well as lace pieces for home decor.

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