Saturday, February 7, 2009


RSCT to Jeffrey Tucker.

Fr. Columba Kelly, OSB, one of the best (actually one of the very small handful of decent) composers to have works published by the big three has undergone an excellent chant project, dubbed The Sacred Music Project. The project utilizes the propers in English from the Roman Missal and the Lectionary for Mass. Only the antiphons are set to music here, not the verses. One could always use a Gregorian Psalm Tone for verses.

Excerpt from the description of the project:
Because a Gregorian melody is so closely linked to its text it is impossible (with a few exceptions) to effectively insert an English text into an already composed Gregorian melody. The St. Meinrad Chant melodies have been freshly composed for their English texts, emulating the way that Gregorian melodies match their Latin text. This compositional craft is the fruit of a lifetime of intimacy with the Gregorian repertoire. The English chants draw their inspiration from their Gregorian counterparts where applicable. The Introits match the modality of the settings of the Graduale Romanum, as do the Gospel Acclamations to the Alleluias and Tracts. The Communions and Responsorial Psalms, although their texts vary greatly from those of the Graduale, reflect a simpler style, similar to the compositional style of the Gregorian office antiphons.

Excellent new source!

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