Sunday, July 12, 2009


This really cool comparison is brought to you courtesy of the Catholic Caveman.

A living parish has The Eucharistic Christ in the Tabernacle as the central focus.
A dying parish has a man as the central focus.

A living parish welcomes the sound of crying infants as a sign that the parish is growing.
A dying parish welcomes the din of mindless twaddle concerning Aunt Suzie's recipe for Pineapple Upsidedown Cake and other such drivel, before, during and after Mass as a sign that the parish is welcoming.

A living parish has a pastor that takes In Persona Christi seriously.
A dying parish considers it both the priest and the laity who consecrate the Eucharist.

A living parish reminds the Faithful of the reality of sin and hell.
A dying parish never mentions sin and hell.

A living parish recognizes The Eucharist as the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ.
A dying parish looks upon The Eucharist as no different than take-out at a fast food drive thru.

A living parish speaks of the deeds and travels Christ, the Apostles and other Holy Personages.
A dying parish speaks of the deeds and travels of the parish priest and other select members of his entourage.

A living parish understand that we must inextricably link our secular leaders positions with our Catholic Faith.
A dying parish not only fail to link the two, but often embrace those who refute the Known Truth.

A living parish mentions the collection in the bulletin as a matter of public record.
A dying parish consistently refers to catch phrases such as "tithing community" and "stewardship" in the bulletin, parish announcements and sermon.

A living parish understands that silent prayer is active participation.
A dying parish confuses motion with progress.

A living parish has the Eucharist binding the Faithful.
A dying parish holds hands to bind the Faithful.

A living parish doesn't need to remind anyone of the Seven Sacraments.
A dying parish rarely mentions any of the Sacraments, and when they do it's usually by accident.

A living parish says "Lord, I am not worthy."
A dying parish says "Here I am, Lord."


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