Sunday, July 19, 2009


Paul Martin, organist at St. John the Baptist Church, Pawtucket, RI, and good friend, died early this morning, most likely of heart failure (he's had heart problems on and off for quite some time). According to the parish cantor, Elaine, Paul was 58, though I could have sworn that he had told me once a few months back that he had just hit 60.

Paul was the organist I filled in for yesterday and today, and I will be playing at least the English Masses until the pastor has decided what to do for a permanent music director. Paul worked with the English and Spanish Masses, and was able to play and sing the music in Spanish, although he reportedly was not able to hold a conversation in Spanish. Fr. Jerry Harbour (the pastor) will be looking for someone to do the same, obviously.

In the meantime, I will be seeking some help with Spanish Mass music. (Hint hint, SteveO). The current hymnal en espaƱol's pew edition has only the texts, no music. I'm thinking it might be an early edition of "Flor y Canto". I'm not sure. Fr. Harbour said that he would ship me whatever material that Paul had. I also told Father that though I'm working 60 hours a week currently, I am looking to change that. As you can tell, YES, I am applying for a job.

Here is the music list for the Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time, for the Masses in English. I would have stuck with Paul's list in his honor, had he written one up, but he didn't. So, the cantor and I got together during the homily to pick the music for next week. She checked off selections from the "Today's Liturgy" book that she was familiar with. I'm biting a bullet with one (and only one) piece so that I'm not flinging anything new on her (I'm not the music director - yet!).

For the beauty of the earth (Dix)
The hand of the Lord feeds us and Alleluia (Alstott, from Respond and Acclaim)
You satisfy the hungry heart (Bicentennial)
Sanctus and Agnus Dei (Vermulst, from People's Mass)
Christ has died and Amen (Danish tone)
One bread, one body (Foley) (the one bullet I'm biting)
- (Side note: This song has also been hilariously titled One bed, one body, One Ken, one Barbie, and One Fred, one Barney.)
For the fruits of this creation (Ar hyd y nos)
- (I love this tune, though I've never gotten to use it much.)


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Unknown said...

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.

May his soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

My prayers for his soul, and for all those that knew him.