Monday, July 27, 2009


from the Catholic Cartoon Master!

Paul Nichols gives us two great cartoons that hit home in my experience.

I agree - a chainsaw might just be better. This reminds me of my year-long stay at the "Roundhouse" in Warwick. The pastor wanted me to "turn things around", but would shoot down every idea of mine the minute I try to implement something. I would ask, "well, do you want these things done or not?" He'd say, "you have to do it slowly, Brian". Slowly, in many cases, is too slow. It was very very very hard for me to refrain (don't ask me how I managed) from using the old saying both of my parents would say, "well, come on now; shit or get off the pot!" Yeah, better get the chainsaw.

This, too, hits home, bringing me back to St. Patrick's, where the extraordinary minister of Holy Communion said to me "I'm sorry, I can only give it in the hand". The pastor at this church, instead of going to the center aisle like most celebrants do, wandered off to the side aisle so that the "extraordinarily extraordinary" ministers can take center stage.
In another instance, when my kids made their first Communion, they were taught only how to receive in the hand, ignoring the tongue idea like it wasn't even an option. I just happened to be at the rehearsal the day before to see this going on. After the rehearsal, I would teach my kids the proper way to receive Jesus on the tongue. Someone's gotta teach'em. The CCD nutcases at this now-closed parish sure as hell didn't.



Adrienne said...

I hear priests say that all the time re: change must be slow or the people go all batshit or something.

I'm with you - that's a load of cr*p!!! If things were explained to them properly very few if any of the pew potatoes would give a rip. Those that do shouldn't have a say so anyway. Buh Bye!

RP Burke said...

Re cartoon 2.
Read the rules, please. Option for hand or tongue; but normal posture is STANDING. Kneelers need to be catechized that they should STAND. Get it: kneelers are out of line.

Unknown said...

I'm handicapped. When I approach the priest to receive the Lord, my legs give out and I have to kneel. I to be confined to ....??? ;-)