Monday, July 6, 2009

You heard it here FIRST but not on TV!!!

This past Tuesday (almost a week ago!!!), I was released from my captivity at the nearby hospital....seems congestive heart failure patients have it a bit rougher here in CC during late June, July, August and some of September..... oh well, I've lost about 15 pounds, and I'll be behaving a bit more now....

Anyway on to the news.

In total agreement with Brian's post about celebrity deaths. Now that the infatuation with Whacko Jacko's death is departing, the post mortem of the media coverage is beginning.... and there are those who are socking it to the media. Thanks be to God.

With regards to the lovely adultress Farah Fawcett... well, what can you say? As my beloved wife tells me, adultery is adultery.... we can hope and pray that she found her way back to Holy Mother the Church, prior to her departing this plane of existence. We can hope and pray, as well, that all this might have moved the heart, mind and soul of Ryan O'Neal, to come to the Church - to come to Jesus. We might have hoped that the media coverage would at least call the farewell at Mahoney's Baloney factory a Mass of Christian Burial, but that doesn't seem to have happened. But they say the music (of which there was much) was uplifting and inspiring. What did it uplift and inspire?????? I've emailed Frank Brownstead, the music director, for information on the Mass and the music. Mr. Brownstead evidently directed the chir at Coshocton (OH) Presbyterian Church many years ago. That is my mother's home church. They have a wonderful Taylor-Boody tracker organ there - gorgeous instrument. I digress.... as usual.

Our current next door neighbor (we are moving next week - to a more lively neighborhood) has lived in his house all his life - 61 years. Three or four houses toward the church where I'm privileged to serve (Christ the King), is the home of the little Farrah Fawcett. Although it wasn't mentioned in the national media, Ms. Fawcett attended Mass at CTK, and Kindergarten. Possibly first grade, but I've not been interested in checking that out. The media, of course, has been more than willing to give a lot of coverage to the other parish which she attended. I'm not terribly upset about that. No one wants to know that a beautiful young woman, who was much loved by her friends here in the neighborhood, who grew up and headed west to try her hand in acting, commit adultery, pose for certain magazines, and become a sex-symbol, would have at one time been a curious little Roman Catholic girl in the neighborhood. The 'hood was much nicer back then. I guess we'll not be getting $100,000 for a memorial pipe organ. Too bad. It could be used as an instrument of prayer to help her soul make its way from purgatory to the throne of Grace. Please don't think me bitter. I'm not. My hope and prayer is that the rosary in Ms. Fawcett's hands was not used as a good luck charm, and that it rallied strong memories of a faith that might have been ignored for many years. May she rest in peace.

God's blessings to all of y'all'uns. Right now, dadgummit.


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