Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Fr. Tim Finigan got a little slap from the folks over at ICEL over exposure of the January 2006 proposed translation of the Mass. Apparently, posting the translation on his blog is a "violation of ICEL's copyright".

Being the obedient priest that he is, Fr. Finigan removed the translation from his blog, and made it clear in his reply to the ICEL crew, but not without giving them a little slap of his own. KUDOS, Father!

Full text of letter from ICEL's Peter Finn and Fr. Finigan's reply here.

Coincidentally, the USCCB forbids use of the New American Bible for podcasting (remember - the USCCB and ICEL went hand and hand for a few decades now). This includes the Lectionary readings (the Psalms in the Lectionary are copyright ICEL; much of the rest of the Lectionary is copyright CCD). Brian Noe, who hosts the Verbum Domini podcast, was one who obediently stopped using the NAB translation upon demand from the USCCB. He has since switched to the RSV/2nd Catholic Edition (Ignatius Bible), and with no problem from them whatsoever. However, now the USCCB has their own podcast on the readings, in an attempt to compete with Brian Noe.

One fellow podcaster caught wind (I'm protecting this podcaster's identity here) and wrote the USCCB:
I am a podcaster among a group of faithful podcaster, both lay and clergy. As I was checking the readings for today's Liturgy, I saw the new podcast of the NAB, readings of the day. I am very saddened by this. How dare the USCCB chain the Word of God through copyrite, forbid good Catholic to use it in their podcasts and now duplicate what one podcaster has been doing for more than a year. If the USCCB would work with those responding to the New Evangelization call of John Paul II, there would be greater success and a lost less waste.

The best that the USCCB could muster for a reply was this:
Thank you for your recent email.
The USCCB administers its copyright so as to achieve the best possible balance between wide dissemination, the protection of the integrity of the text, and good stewardship.
I hope that you will take the time to listen to the new podcast. I think that you will find that it will be of great spiritual benefit to the faithful.

Protect WHAT??? Maybe their pockets, at best. HA!

I hope Fr. Finigan takes his missive as far as humanly possible. I'm behind you 100%.

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