Monday, April 23, 2007


OCP Advertises Latin Book!

It's been out, but not pushed much. But I got this in my regular mailing from them:
OCP offers Latin resources to make Latin chant part of your community's Sunday worship.
Particularly, they show a supplement called Laus Tibi, Christe, a book chocked full of Latin hymns and chants. Although it was originally intended to supplement the latest JourneysongS hymnal, you could add it to just about anything. Their best product to date, IMO.



Paul Stokell said...

They tapped Harry Hagan and Columba Kelly from Saint Meinrad for this? Now that's saying something.

St. Meinrad confrere Fr. Samuel Weber is doin' his own thing with the Mundelein Psalter, per Shawn Tribe.

More reasons to be proud to have come from The Hill!!

Brian Michael Page said...

OCP's had its share of good and bad Benedictines, eh?

GOOD: Hagan, Kelly, Sr. Genevieve Glen
BAD: Norbet and his Weston Priory cronies


Al said...

Che miracolo! OCP promoting Latin for the Mass.

PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

It's quite a nice little collection. I picked it up at the OCP booth in the exhibit hall at the '04 NPM National. It, among other things, contains a modern, accompanied, metrical Latin ordinary by DeBruyn.

The only downfall for me is that the accompaniment book is paperback spiral bound: it's very flimsy and probably wouldn't last long if I were using it weekly.


Adam Schwend said...

I'm not suprised. OCP is a business. The Latin Mass folks (not so much tridentine...that's kinda a done deal) as a market that isn't as tapped. Especially those churches that are already using their product, add a Latin Mass but don't want to go buy huge new books, or a parish who is (Deo Gratias!) beginning to incorporate chant into their liturgy.

It's all about the money for them. Not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to business, but one wishes they were a little more doctrine-centered.