Thursday, November 1, 2007


Happy All Saints Day everyone. Everyone have a nice Halloween? We did. We ran (for the first time) a haunted back yard last night. Came out pretty dang good for our first time. I was the guy with the shovel standing near a couple of headstones saying "I ran over these two guys last week with my truck. Would anyone like to be next?" Then, in between groups coming in and going I started singing this parody I concocted last night (to the tune of Wade in the Water) in that same basso profundo that people I work with know me by:

Wait in the graveyard.
Wait in the graveyard, children.
Wait in the graveyard.
I'm gonna trouble the graveyard.

On another note, tonight I have just one Mass - 7 PM with choir.

Now - for all those who program the music that comes from the speakers at the malls - remember what Holy Day today is. Yeah - All Saints. Not Christmas. Remember that when you program your music today will ya? I, for one, love Christmas - WHEN IT'S CHRISTMAS, not two months before! At this time last year, my daughter Jessica worked in a mall store. Sure enough, All Saints Day is when they started whipping out the corniest Christmas music one can find. Bad enough there are radio stations who play it 24/7 from two weeks before Thanksgiving on. Maybe I'll request "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" on Ash Wednesday. That might turn some heads.

Anyhoo - happy All Saints Day!

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PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

I was in the local Catholic supply shop yesterday to pick up some votives for our All Souls vespers and concert tonight. THEY were playing Christmas music...the employees were none too thrilled.