Thursday, November 15, 2007


OK, y'all. All the times you've read my references to Eagle's Wings as Beagle's Things. I have finally found the copy of the actual song while cleaning on and around my desk in my living room (in an effort to help my wife straighten out the joint). Here it is, as written by the friend of a local friend of mine -- OF BEAGLE'S THINGS. Enjoy!
BMP (from my wife's computer, while mine's being rescued by the Geek Squad)

UPDATE 11/21/07: Dad29 calls us "irrepressible". WOOHOO!

Of Beagle's Things

You who dwell in the kennel of the Lord
with your Alpo and Kibbles and Bits;
Sometimes it's Eukanuba;
sometimes it's Gravy Train.

And he shall speak to you of beagle's things,
rubber toys and chewy things;
Make you to sit in his lap
and pat you on the top of your head.

His collar, his wormer, his visit to the vet;
I want to take care of my pet.
When we come back from "walkies",
he'll get his doggie treat. (to refrain)

The barking, the baying, the howling at the moon;
I hope that he stops it real soon.
It can be most annoying
when he's out of control. (to refrain)


Richard Chonak said...


Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Great, now these words will be running through my head every time I hear On Eagle's Wings.

R.J.L. said...

I have a Funeral in the AM, will most likely start belting out these lyrics. I've showed them to several different directors/ cantors, they all love them!! Brian, you never cease to amaze me!

~Ryan (RPINet)

Brian Michael Page said...

Thanks Ryan. Too bad it ain't mine. I got it from a soloist who came to sing a funeral I was doing who is friends with another friend of mine.