Monday, November 19, 2007


...was not very impressing. First, let's reveal the music list the choir did.

Come, ye thankful people, come..."St. George's Windsor"
(They started with an excellent hymn. I was supposed to open with this one till getting sacked.)
Gloria was said.
The Lord comes to rule the earth with justice...Alstott
Alleluia...Alstott (the one in C, 3/4 time)
So far, ok.

How great thou art
(Talk about reeking of sentimentalism! Even to the point of one lady, I'll say mid to late 40's, sitting in front of me singing and hugging a snotrag and taking it to the eyes every few seconds!)
St. Louis Jesuits Mass
(with its altered Mass texts - Hosanna, hosanna on high, Amen, alleluia, for ever and ever, and Grant us your peace)
The Lord's Prayer was said.
To be your bread now...Haas
(Yeah, just what we freakin' need - another song about "being bread"!)

Amazing Grace (which isn't a favorite of mine, but I don't mind using it when needed)

I don't see any sign of any improvements NOT being frowned on in this parish, as the congregation sang even the crap nice and loudly, often drowning out the stuffy choir of about ten. The organist played EVERYTHING on the swell (the organ was up front and in easy view from where I was sitting), except for the Haas, which was on this little rinky-dink Technics keyboard. The choir swore by Choral Praise like it was their bible. I've run into those types before - it's not pretty, believe me.

When I mentioned this lead to my good friend Fr. Fisette, his response was "I can't picture you working there, Brian." He's very likely right. I trust his word on that one.


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Richard Chonak said...

Was this the parish in MA? The one I heard of with an opening is probably still warped from the damage its old uber-liberal pastor did.