Thursday, January 14, 2010


An excellent article by Fr. Peter Stravinskas (RSCT Jeffrey Tucker at NLM).

In his essay, Father (Michael) Ryan argues that not enough consultation has taken place, and that “we should just say, “Wait’” before implementing the new translations. I disagree. As a Web site set up to defend the new translation proclaims, “We've waited long enough!”

BTW, I signed it a while back. If you like the new translation, go sign it. ;)

It appears that Fr. Ryan is just another of a handful of people who think that the average congregant is too stupid to be handed down such "big words" as incarnate, and consubstantial. And even if many don't know such words (which doesn't necessarily constitute stupidity, folks - I think you all know what I'm getting at), it might be best to let it remain to them a "mystery". (Mystery was a big word at one time, too!)


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