Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Feel Crabby, I Feel Crabby, So Crabby and . . .

J. S. Bach the great had every reason to feel crabby. First, he had been totally led astray by the teachings of the heretic Martin Luther and felt consigned to minister in the church (I use that term very loosely) of the re formation group. To make matters worse, since pastors in the heretic sects didn't hold sway as do the clergy of the True Church, JSB had to fulfill the wishes and desires of people (all men, of course, because God-only knows that even heretics at least knew the sex of ordinands and leadership)called the consistory - yeah, the same title used for those who led the great inquisition (perhaps we should have one today; bring forth Abp. Mahoneybaloney up for the first inquiry).... The consistory was concerned with making sure they got every drop of blood from the kappelmeisters and that das organisten played not too fast, not too slowly, not too loudly, not too softly, not to embellishingly...you get the drift.

So it stands to reason that Johann the Great composed a little piece named after the crab. A single line, played frontward and backward then both ways simultaneously.

For your enjoyment, here's a video from youtube. Watch the bouncing ball, and watch the Mobius strip flex and turn. Don't worry about the comments below the screen - as usual, there are some incredibly dopey remarks about whether this is a good composition, etc. Those people forget that JSB was the pinnacle of the Baroque period of music; his work was the epitome of it all, and the standard to which all other composers of the period were held. Kind of like Mother Church. As with the works of JSB, all others fall short of the glory - especially those who have fallen so far from the tree.

Enjoy! Be ye therefore not crabby and keepeth not thy head in the sand, nor other places where it might be oh, so dark. Sprout thine head back upon thy shoulder and raiseth thine eyes and enjoy the beauty and dignity of the truth. Tho helpeth you God.

God's blessings.

If the link doesn't show up, blame Brian for thinking I could do this. If it does show up, then blame Brian for having a modicum of faith that the old man could really do it. (PSST: Brian put the video up) ;)

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