Sunday, January 10, 2010


...revealed by Fr. Christopher Smith. RSCT to Arlene Oost-Zinner at The New Liturgical Movement.

Here are the myths. Click on Fr. Smith's name above for "the rest of the story". I will, however, try to insert some of my own snarkentary below...

1. When it comes to music, there's no debating taste.
- So true. Everyone that knows me very well knows that I'm a big fan of Raspberries and Eric Carmen. But do I use their styles in church? Hell, no!
2. Music at Mass is just a nice addition; it's not like it's necessary or anything.
- Reminiscent of the priest that Thomas Day depicts in his book Why Catholics Can't Sing as barking out, "The Mass doesn't NEED music!" Guess what... on Sundays it does!
3. Choirs are only there to support congregational singing.
- Oh, I know someone on the RPInet board who will have a shit fit if she reads the article and find that the real FCAP doesn't mean that the congregation has to sing everything that the choir sings!
4. We are supposed to sing four hymns at Mass.
- You don't have to. You can if you wish. But, the Propers are preferred. If I had my way, I'd use them too!
5. Vatican II abolished Latin in the Mass.
- Let's see: what words do I use to describe this myth... "hogwash" is one; "balderdash" might be another; "baloney", yes; "bullshit", after the famous card game, absolutely.
6. The church does not have her own hymnal.
- Yes it does - Graduale Romanum. Before that, Liber Usualis.
7. Chant is too hard for people today to sing.
- Have you even tried it?
8. Music is supposed to make me feel good at Mass.
- I suppose your faith is supposed ot make you feel good too. Not always.

Again, read Fr. Smith's article for better explanations.

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