Friday, January 1, 2010

Nope...Not drunk..... drugs, well????

Okay, folks. I just read this last post - even though it had been proofed (still found a speller...).

Delete the Immaculate Conception lines and insert Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. The Immaculate Conception still figures very highly on this day.

So what made me do this - commit this atrocious liturgical/theological snaffu? Drugs. Plain and simple. Drugs.

For several long hours after midnight, my lovely wife and I were at the local ER. My right foot was ... well, it hurt like heck. . . more than heck. Turns out that it was GOUT. Not in the usual places, but spread all over the foot. So I got an injection of toradol then had some naproxen about half hour before posting.

It all made such good sense when I was proofing it!

If you find other errors, please please please snark em out!!!!!! It will let me know that you were not bleary-eyed and could read the print which I could not!!!!!

Next week: maybe I'll start a heresy of the week club. Any takers?

God blessh'all

WHO WAS FIRED FROM HIS POSITION IN CORPUS CHRISTI, TX, BECAUSE THE PRIEST DISCOVERED THIS EXCELLENT BLOG. Wonder who would win a court case on that line alone? Of course, he had every right to fire me, because (as much as I love the state) TX is a right to fire state. And because I can snark with the best and worst of them. And toleration of the intolerant and unrealistic is not my game.

My new motto for 2010:

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