Tuesday, January 19, 2010


from a Facebook friends list

Simply put up a positive statement on your wall endorsing the candidate of your choice (in my case, Scott Brown), and just watch the fan get splattered with doo-doo, ca-ca, poo-poo, and good old number two.

I put up a positive statement on my wall simply stating that a vote for Scott Brown would be some hope for our country as we know it. Then, a "family friend" (on my wife's side) chimed in with the "sorry, Brian, I voted for Martha", and gave her "reasons" for doing so. I then stated what Coakley had said about doctors who don't believe in abortion shouldn't be in the medical profession, and politely asked her, "Can we afford to have any more sickos like that running our country?"

This woman then started flying off the handle at me and my old friend from high school, who also chimed in (politely, mind you) on behalf of Brown, even as far as getting into my personal affairs (remember, she's friends with my in-laws). She even went as far as posting on her wall about how she's going through a lot of "grief" over her political choices. She created her own grief by flying off the handle on, not her wall, but my wall. Needless to say, in the end, she deleted me (no loss), my wife (who said hardly anything), and my two younger kids (who were in school, so they never got a chance to say anything). If she's going to be childish over a lousy political opinion, then so be it. With over 220 friends on my Facebook profile, one isn't going to make a freakin' difference.

I'll tell you what --- if you're on my friends list, go ahead and read my wall. The proof is there that when one supports a nutcase's case, they act out of desperation. I thought my friends, my wife, and myself were quite rational.


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