Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Regretfully, we weren't able to make EITHER tree-lighting ceremony, the one at the State House, or the one at St. Patrick's, just blocks west of the State House. My front brakes were grinding to the point of fear, and we needed to get that addressed as soon as humanly possible (I wouldn't have had time any other day this week, due to holy day Masses and prior family commitments). Therefore, our top priority was to get our minivan safe (it's our only transportation).

Not to mention, my conscience was in a big debate with itself over the last couple of days. Do I go to the sure thing (St. Patrick's), or do I go to the State House (where our idiot governor decided to call the tree he's lighting a "holiday tree") to join WPRO-AM's John DePetro and his flash mob to sing "O Christmas Tree" and actually DEFEND Christmas? I mean, it's great that there is a place where our faith is guaranteed. But I feel that there are those times when one feels the need to try to get back those values of faith that are being taken away. Instead, the ultimate decision was to protect my family. I'll be doing plenty of driving the next few days (including work - three Masses for the Immaculate Conception, a holy day of obligation).

At the same time, I make my prayer for those attending BOTH ceremonies. I hope they went well at both venues. As for the State House, I hope John DePetro and his flash mob was able to make a definitive statement to Governor Grinch (Chafee).


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