Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Jolly Old St. Nicholas
used his fisticuffs,
Punching out a heretic
by name of Arius. (need some help finishing this one)

Inspired by a story that Jeff Miller posted on Facebook. Never knew this factoid till today.

I managed to pull this off instead after reading Jeff's link (to which he sings, I saw Santa punching Arius):

Arius got b*tch-slapped by dear Santa
with a knuckle sandwich one fine eve.
Happened at the Council of Nicaea;
Now every Sunday, we pray "I believe".

Jay Anderson also has a cool Christmas ditty relating to this event:

You better not blaspheme. You better not lie.
Or you might wind up With a black eye.
Santa Claus is coming to town.

Finally, Rich of Catholic Light finishes the I Saw Mommy song (also via Facebook):
I saw Santa punching Arius,
in Nicaea where the council met last night;
the bishops were aghast, and the bruise is going to last:
he seized him with his left hand and then slapped him with the right;
Now the Emperor's pursuing Nicholas,
and wants to put him in a prison cell;
Probably neither will repent 'til their wrath is fully spent
and the heresy's condemned to hell.

Peace to you, my little snark-o-maniacs on this feast of Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

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VSO said...

IT'S TRUE!!!! The favorite story of mine and Metropolitan Joseph of the Bulgarian Archdiocese of America, Canada and Austrailia.

So there IS precedent for slapping heretics!