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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Regretfully, we weren't able to make EITHER tree-lighting ceremony, the one at the State House, or the one at St. Patrick's, just blocks west of the State House. My front brakes were grinding to the point of fear, and we needed to get that addressed as soon as humanly possible (I wouldn't have had time any other day this week, due to holy day Masses and prior family commitments). Therefore, our top priority was to get our minivan safe (it's our only transportation).

Not to mention, my conscience was in a big debate with itself over the last couple of days. Do I go to the sure thing (St. Patrick's), or do I go to the State House (where our idiot governor decided to call the tree he's lighting a "holiday tree") to join WPRO-AM's John DePetro and his flash mob to sing "O Christmas Tree" and actually DEFEND Christmas? I mean, it's great that there is a place where our faith is guaranteed. But I feel that there are those times when one feels the need to try to get back those values of faith that are being taken away. Instead, the ultimate decision was to protect my family. I'll be doing plenty of driving the next few days (including work - three Masses for the Immaculate Conception, a holy day of obligation).

At the same time, I make my prayer for those attending BOTH ceremonies. I hope they went well at both venues. As for the State House, I hope John DePetro and his flash mob was able to make a definitive statement to Governor Grinch (Chafee).


Friday, July 15, 2011

MUSIC FOR HOLY MASS (Nice Day Edition)

Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - July 17, 2011
Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, Rhode Island

Saturday's guest organist: my predecessor and good friend David Sylvester.
Reason for that: I, the proud papa, will be giving my daughter Jessica away in marriage that afternoon.

However, I will be in for the three Masses on Sunday (and a funeral Saturday morning)!

ORIEL: To the name of our salvation
O. Alstott: Lord you are good and forgiving
Mode VI: Alleluia (verse sung to tone 6F)
LLANFYLLIN: O Jesus, I have promised (This tune is "Llangoffan", but in a major key.)
J. Vermulst: People's Mass (Sanctus/Agnus)
Danish: When we eat this bread / Amen
G.B. Polleri: Ecce Panis Angelorum
ORIENTIS PATRIBUS: Conquering kings their titles take
DARWALL'S 148th: Ye holy angels bright


Saturday, April 2, 2011

MUSIC FOR HOLY MASS (and an 18th birthday)

First Friday (using votive Sacred Heart Mass) - Extraordinary Form
April 1, 2011
Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, RI

Music by Schola Viri Duorum ("Two Guys Schola" - Dave Sylvester at the organ, and yours truly)
We did pretty damn good for very little rehearsal time, I gotta tell ya!

Mass propers were from "The Proper of the Mass" by A. Edmonds Tozer

Entrance procession: O sacred heart, O love divine
Kyrie from "Missa Laus Tibi Christe" by Federico Caudana
Offertory (after the proper): Parce Domine by Carlo Rossini
Sanctus and Agnus XVIII (in Ferii Adventi et Quadragesimae)
Communion: Panis Angelicus (Lambillotte, slightly altered) (followed by proper)
Recessional: To Jesus' Heart all-burning

The pastor's homily was a teaching on shifting the focus on Mass toward the Lord instead of toward ourselves. It was great to hear a priest defend AGAINST the Dan Schutte ditty known as "City of God". After all, we don't "build the city of God". GOD builds his city.

Once I got home, I got to watch my son Brian get tattooed (yesterday was his 18th birthday - trust me, we don't allow tattoos on the kids till their 18), then enjoy some cake with him and his buddies (plus my wife and daughter). The tattoo was a memorial of my late father-in-law (1932-1999), so at least it was a thoughtful gesture on his part.

Happy bithday Brian!

Now that marks three-quarters of our offspring reaching the age of "adulthood". Ann and I are suddenly becoming old farts (growing old together, the way we're supposed to)!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

And So, IT begins!!!!!

This week:

Entrance: Crown Him With Many Crowns - Diademata
Introit: Tone 8
Kyrie: Mass 16
Gloria: Mass 8
Psalm 34 - setting by our FEARLESS LEADER,
The Right Most Holy and Irreverant Father of Several,
Brian Michael Page. You may now all continue with your regularly
scheduled breathing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Offertory: Come, My Way, My Truth - The Call
Sanctus, etc.: Mass 18
Communion Antiphon: Tone 8
Communion Hymn (a rare thing here): Gift of Finest Wheat - Bicentennial
Hymn: You Are the Way, To You Alone - Dundee
Organ: Toccata in e minor - Walther (I think...Biggs' Treasury collection)

Wednesdays will be my day off this year...barring funerals and Feast Days.

Katie will leave for TN to tend to her parents (her dad will be 93 on 8/31), which means that I'm bachelor-ing it up again. Pray for me. And Dooley.

School begins Monday morning....with Mass. This should be fun.
Except that I've been told I must be in dress code....which will be interesting since I have no money to purchase several pairs of nice pants and shirts..... oi vey.

Have a great, cool week.
I hear rumors that in Corpus Christi this year, WINTER will occur on December 4 from 8am until 3pm.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yeah, like after all these years I'm supposed to be able to fend for myself. Sure. Even though I was a bachelor and didn't marry until age 37.... and now she decides to stay with her folks a few extra weeks (like until the end of Aug. when her father turns 93.....). So this means I get to move all the stuff into the house from storage, get it all set up for my bachelor time and then she'll come home and rearrange things while I'm at work....(it's a long, long joke with us.... quirky things that keep us laughing like fools).

So pray not for Katie. She will do well. After all, she has the REALLY, REALLY GREAT PHONE that has a qwerty keyboard, and she can text me at a zillion times faster than I can with having to press darn near every key three, four...times..... so much easier to hit speed dial #2 and hear the voice of my gorgeous wife. . . And I still get to walk the dog, clean the cat poop out of the box (oops, forgot to do that this week.... no wonder Guinivere (affectionally known as "G'vere") has been meeeeeooooowring at me even after she gets the dead stinky yucky cat food. - Don't tell Katie, or I'm in trouble!!!)


Saturday, February 28, 2009


Thursday morning, an airbag saved my mother's life.

I was in for a big scare that morning on my way to work. I usually pass by my mother's church on my way to work each morning. She usually goes there for daily Mass. Last Thursday, as she pulled out of the parking lot of the church, her car was slammed in the nose - hard. The vehicle that hit her had to be flying because this car was CRUSHED in the front. Though I didn't see the crash happen, I drove my usual route to work, only to see a fire truck, a rescue unit, a tow truck, and a cop off to the side. I saw the license plate on the crushed Buick Century and pulled into the parking lot. Thankfully, my mother was standing and talking and not in the rescue. I was actually able to take her home. The worst she got was a slight gash in the chin. God was surely with us that day!

Thank you, Lord, for giving my mother more time on earth.
Peace from your humble snark,

Friday, October 17, 2008


My ONE political post for the week!

The eleven-year-old in question: my daughter Brittany. She explained the White House hierarchy this way:

If the President of the United States dies, then the Vice President takes over.
If the Vice President dies, then the Oval Office goes to the Speaker of the House
(as long as that speaker isn't Pelosi, I'm good with that)
If the Speaker of the House dies, then you go to Radio Shack and buy a new one.


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Purgatory Chasm, that is. Today I took the family to Purgatory Chasm State Reservation in Sutton, Massachusetts. Enjoyed it big time. Walked a cool rocky chasm there. Great place for hiking and picnicking, and it didn't cost anything!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


A special edition of Christus Vincit Sports

Let's just call this weekend the week from hell, with the only thing going right being my daughter's all-star team was victorious in their final tournament of the summer.

Our original plan was to camp out at Burlingame State Campground from Friday to Monday. We were supposed to leave from home after I finished a funeral at St. Leo's. Well, that plan backfired, as I got home and learned from my wife that Britt's coach had called and decided to hold a practice at 5:30 tonight. And there was no way that I was going to make the hour-long trek to the campsite, come back home, and go back again, especially at today's gas prices.

So, we get to the practice, which was called, due to a torrential downpour that had just finished minutes before. However, the coach gathered us anyways to give us directions to the tournament field (which I had gotten the night before from the coach's wife) and for the girls to sign a ball for the team's sponsor in thanks for paying for our team's entry fee.

I got to the campground, finally, at about 8:00 PM --- NO CAMPSITES AVAILABLE! Until this year, Burlingame's tent sites were first come/first served. We never knew that they started reserving sites before. On a normal summer Friday, we would have had a site had we gotten there by 1:00 PM. Well, it so happened that my wife Ann had invited her friend Candy to camp out with us, and it worked out nicely that Candy's stepfather had a beach house not far from Burlingame. So, she called her stepfather and got the OK for all of us to crash at the beach house for the weekend.

Now for the tournament (OR: Finally, the CV Sports portion of this post!):

Like the previous two tournaments, we played three games on Saturday to determine seed for Sunday's games. Our first game was a 9:00 AM game against Smithfield's Blue team (their "A" team, shall we say). We lost 6-4. Britt went 1 for 2, grounding out and reaching on a bloop single.

The second game, immediately after, was against Smithfield's White team (their "B" team that we've smoked more than once). We smoked them again - 10-0. Britt walked (and scored on a later hit) and whiffed in her two plate appearances.

The third game, immediately after that, was against North Kingstown, the host team. We've beaten them before, although they smoked us in the regional tournament in Lowell, MA. This time, we won - 2-0. Britt whiffed twice. However, this was a classic pitcher's duel. We were scoreless till the fifth inning.

Our 2-1 finish for Saturday gave us second seed out of five teams (only the Smithfield "A" team was undefeated). Now we go to Sunday - single elimination. BUT FIRST...

Yours truly travels back to Burlingame at 8:30 AM, manages to get us a site. I pay for the next three nights. Now, back to sports...

We re-match North Kingstown. What a nail-biter! We had a 5-2 lead going into the top of the last inning and we gave them three runs! OUCH! In the bottom of the inning, with the score still tied 5-5, two out and bases loaded, Kamryn, our sole lefty, walked in the winning run for us - 6-5. Britt's hitting: two walks and a ground out.

So we now land up playing the championship game against none other than Smithfield's Blue team, the team that beat us Saturday. This time, we dominated our way to an easy 8-2 victory! Britt's hitting: walked, grounded into a force play, and grounded out.

Britt gets another trophy, and a piece of victory cake, and we finally get to Burlingame. We pitch camp, eat supper, sit and relax, and we go to sleep. 1 AM - Wouldn't you know - MORE FREAKIN' RAIN! All morning!

Finally yesterday was nice for a bit, but we had five spot showers throughout the day. Today, now that we pack up and go home, guess what! Nice day, no rain, no dark clouds, just nice sun!


Sunday, August 3, 2008



We WON the Attleboro Tournament! - UPDATE 9:00 PM

Early this morning our girls played the game that they were supposed to play yesterday afternoon (it just HAD to rain now, didn't it?). Britt's team beat Abington, MA, by a score of 8-2. Brittany walked in the first inning and scored on a triple by Kaylee M. I had to leave for Mass after the triple. The report from Ann (my wife) and Brittany (my daughter) was that Brittany went 1 for 2 after that - first a whiff, then a two-run single.

This third victory, coupled with the fact that we outscored our opponents in these three games 29-2, gave us top seed for the championship round.

The 2:00 game was a rematch against the Boston team we played yesterday. Britt whiffed twice, again baffled by Boston pitching, but we beat them again - this time 5-1.

The 5:00 game was a 7-0 shutout win over Plainville, MA. Here Britt walked and grounded out.

Finally, the 7:00 game against Swansea, MA - Britt whiffed twice, but we took that game 6-0, and the CHAMPIONSHIP! In six games, we outscored our opponents 47-3.

BMP, the proud Dad!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Another tourney - this one close to home, finally!

This post will be updated throughout the day, as we're coming home in between games.

This weekend begins a tourney in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Three games today - 8:00 AM, 12:15 PM, and 4:30 PM - to determine seed for championship games to be played tomorrow (same format as what the rain-shortened tourney last week in Warwick, Rhode Island, was supposed to be).

8:00 AM - vs. Natick, MA
Our girls put on a clinic, smoking Natick by a score of 14-0. Brittany hit a sacrifice grounder to short in the second inning, driving in a run. In the fourth, she hit an RBI single to right field.

12:15 PM - vs. Boston, MA
Another shutout win for our girls - this time 7-0. Brittany whiffed twice, both times swinging. For the second straight game, Kayleigh, our pitcher, pitched a beauty - giving up only ONE hit (five girls walked, but I'd say at least twice as many whiffed, and one of Boston's girls reached on an error)!

4:30 PM - vs. Abington, MA
Rained out! GRRR!

First game tomorrow is at 8 AM.

(PS: This is actually post #2099. I moved it up to reflect the update.)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Rainy Day Edition

This past weekend was another all-star softball tournament for Brittany, albeit a rain-shortened one. Her team played one game Friday night, and two games yesterday to determine the seed of the championship games that were supposed to be held today. However, rain and thunderboomers put an end to that.

Friday's game was a 16-1 smokeout win over Smithfield, RI. Britt went 1 for 3 plus a walk. She reached on a fielder's choice in the first inning, grounded out to the pitcher her next time up, followed by a walk, then a sharply hit single to right field.

On Saturday, we played a 9:30 game against the Appanoag Pride (Warwick, RI) and got our butts whooped by the same score that we smoked Smithfield by (16-1). Brittany (0 for 2) hit a sharp liner that had the misfortune of landing in the first basegirl's glove, then grounded out to third.

We then played a 12:30 game against the Long Island Sharks (NY), and because of a time limit, we landed up finishing in a rare 4-4 tie. Since this game counted in standings to determine seed, it was basically a 1/2 win. Had this been a championship game, then yes, someone would have to win. Britt came to bat in the 4th and grounded out to second.

Now, Sunday's debacle. The forecast Saturday had mentioned rain for today, but not until evening. Well, as I always say: Have faith in God, not your New England weatherman. It was raining when I got up this morning. The game that was scheduled for 10:00 this morning didn't start until after 1:00 this afternoon. At that point the rain had appeared to stop. But going into the top of the third, it came back, and so did the thunderboomers. The tourney had to be stopped, and after enough waiting around, it was determined that whatever seed was achieved after Saturday was the position we finished in for the entire tourney. In our case, third place in a field of six teams in Britt's division. Not bad.

Next tourney: this coming weekend in North Attleboro, MA. Unlike the Lowell, MA tourney, we won't need to camp out for this one.


Monday, July 14, 2008


Redneck Regionals Edition

Well, the Regionals didn't go as well as we were hoping. Our girls lost all three games...
11-3 to the "Capital Manie-acs" of Maine
4-1 to North Kingstown, RI
9-3 to Hudson, NH

Defense was on the most part good, but hitting was a weakness for just about everyone.

Two tourneys left, both open tourneys. I'll have more once it's available.


Friday, July 11, 2008


Off to Lowell, MA, for Brittany's regional tourney. I'll be back Monday.

Sunday, June 29, 2008



Today was another grueling set for Brittany and her all-star team. THREE games... (9:00, 11:00, and 1:00)

Game 1: A re-match against the RI Thunder travel team: this time we hung on for a 3-2 win.
Britt struck out twice (there was a good share of whiffs on both ends).

Game 2: An 8-3 win over North Kingstown. Britt went 0-4 (three whiffs and a ground out back to the pitcher).

Game 3: THE FINALS - we were blown away, 11-1, against the Appanoag A team (another travel team). Britt didn't start, but came in as a late inning replacement and walked.

The two finalists (the Appanoag A team and Britt's team) will be representing Rhode Island in less than two weeks in the regionals that will take place in Lowell, Massachusetts.

These girls have a lot to be proud of - nine games in four days and finishing 7-2. Now they get a much deserved rest.

A proud dad himself, I peacefully remain,

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Saturday Triple Sweeps Edition

Well, today Brittany's all-star team landed up playing THREE games today in our state tournament - in TWO different cities (Providence and Warwick).

First game was in Providence (at 8 AM) - an 18-0 blowout win against Chariho. This is another one of those games that was cut short by the "mercy rule" (12-run difference after three innings).

In that game, Britt got plunked, walked (later scored), hit a two-run triple (again, later scored), and a single (but was out trying to stretch it into a double).

Also, in that game, Chariho's coaching staff was fixing to protest the game due to our pitcher's stance (which was really no different from their pitchers). However, they found the powers that be, but only to find out that our pitcher's stance was fine.

After that game, it was off to Warwick for the next two games.

In the noon game, Brittany's team managed to hang on for an 8-7 win against Smithfield. Britt walked and whiffed in her two appearances that game.

In the 4 PM game, Britt's team smoked the Appanoag B team 9-3. After whiffing twice, Britt landed up sitting out with bone spur pains in her heels. Our coaches had been trying to change her batting stance, but in order for her to keep playing, she'll have to go back to her old stance (which is the stance she used when she hit the triple this morning). If all goes right, she'll be back in action tomorrow.

What I'm NOT happy about is the time of her games scheduled tomorrow. Her first game is tomorrow at 9 AM. They want her in Warwick for 8 AM. Because of the driving time to Warwick, there is no Mass I can get to around here that's early enough. If her team wins, then she has games at 11 AM and 3 PM. My only chance would probably be Our Lady of Loreto in East Providence for 7 PM (they've had a 7 PM Sunday night Mass for years). There are very few churches around with any Sunday night Mass at all (even fewer in the summer), but I fear if we go all the way, we'd be too late to catch a 5 PM Mass. So 7:00 it is. After all, 'tis the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul - not to mention today begins the Year of Saint Paul, as declared by Pope Benedict XVI.


Friday, June 27, 2008


Doubleheader Splits Edition

Tonight we landed up playing a doubleheader.

We lost the first game to the RI Thunder travel team by a score of 12-6. The ump calling from the plate was absolutely clueless, though we did make a few careless moves on our part as well.

Britt came in as a last inning replacement this time, along with a couple of other powerful bats, but the move turned out to be unfruitful (Britt and Kayleigh both whiffed, Amanda grounded out).

As a result of the loss, we played a loser's bracket game against Johnston immediately after. We won that game, shortened by a mercy rule, 15-0.

In that game, Brittany walked in her first trip to the plate. In her second trip, she hit an infield single, but made it to third on errors. She scored both times.

Next game is 8 AM tomorrow morning. Whether there be more than one game will depend on if we win the first one. If we lose, we're done right quick. If we may win, we may have to travel to another town for the next game that same day.


Thursday, June 26, 2008


State Softball Tournament Edition

Today was the first day of the state tournament, at which Brittany's all-star team played tonight. Britt herself drove two two-run singles - one in the first inning, and one in the third inning. In another plate appearance, she took a routine hit-by-pitch on the hip (when I say "routine", I mean, she's so used to it that she just trots to first with the "what else is new?" look). She scored a couple of runs as well.

Final score - our girls smoking Mount Pleasant on their turf, 15-3.

Next game: tomorrow at 6.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Playoff Round 3 Edition

Brittany's playoff season is finished, as her team got beat by the team managed by her all-star coach - 7-6.

Hitting-wise, she whiffed in the first, and singled in her next trip (she scored later on a three-run single).

It was a good comeback attempt against a very good team to begin with. Since this was the semi-finals, we finished third, which is really good (there are 12 teams in our division). This is far better than the dead last finishes of the previous two seasons.

So, it'll be another all-star tournament next weekend.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Girls Softball Playoffs, Round 2

Well, we did get our game in, despite some passing showers at the beginning. Guess what --- we won again. This time, 11-8.

Britt's batting:
First at bat: she reached on a fielder's choice (she hit a grounder to the pitcher, but the pitcher, instead of putting out Brittany at first, got the runner out trying to score).
Next ups: a walk
Then: a plunk (she's gotten used to getting hit by pitches these days, not to mention the opposing pitcher plunked five batters that inning alone).

Next game: Tomorrow at 6, against the team managed by Britt's all-star coach (btw, her regular season manager is assisting on the all-star team).