Friday, June 27, 2008


Doubleheader Splits Edition

Tonight we landed up playing a doubleheader.

We lost the first game to the RI Thunder travel team by a score of 12-6. The ump calling from the plate was absolutely clueless, though we did make a few careless moves on our part as well.

Britt came in as a last inning replacement this time, along with a couple of other powerful bats, but the move turned out to be unfruitful (Britt and Kayleigh both whiffed, Amanda grounded out).

As a result of the loss, we played a loser's bracket game against Johnston immediately after. We won that game, shortened by a mercy rule, 15-0.

In that game, Brittany walked in her first trip to the plate. In her second trip, she hit an infield single, but made it to third on errors. She scored both times.

Next game is 8 AM tomorrow morning. Whether there be more than one game will depend on if we win the first one. If we lose, we're done right quick. If we may win, we may have to travel to another town for the next game that same day.


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