Sunday, June 29, 2008


Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles - June 29, 2008

Due to my daughter's grueling weekend schedule in softball, I had no choice but to take the last possible chance to fulfill my Sunday obligation and attend Holy Mass - a 7 PM Sunday evening Mass in a diocese where Sunday evening Masses are rare to begin with, and even rarer in the summer months.

I had to deal with a humstrum at this Mass. The only reason I stayed is that if I didn't, there goes my Sunday obligation fulfillment down the toilet. Thankfully, the Mass was celebrated by a visiting priest whose homily on Saints Peter and Paul was quite good.

Anyhoo, here is the music that the humstrum player played tonight for the St. Louis Jesuits/Marty Haugen love-in:

Sing a new song unto the Lord...Schutte
Taste and see...unknown composer
- I don't know where this setting came from, but the melody was quite goofy (it wasn't James Moore, Dean, Talbot, or Bob Hurd). Might have been something the humstrumist wrote. Not to mention the verses were a paraphrase and NOT from the Lectionary or the Grail.
Only this I want...Schutte
- (not bad for a Schutte number, and rather fitting for the day)
Massive Cremation...Haugen
One Bread, One Body...Foley
City of God...Schutte (I LOATHE this song with a freakin' passion!)

Also, another episode of my misadventures of receiving Holy Communion from an EMHC can be read here.



Argent said...

Oh, man, that is brutal.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

WOuldn't anyone think that possible "Faith of our Fathers" might be a suitable choice for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul- But that's just me.