Friday, June 6, 2008

No, Reverend Father, you may not have numbers from La Cage at your first Mass, and we said "stole", not feather boa!

Lyn's been at it again, composing these complicated memes. She is indeed our very own Queen of Meme (hat tip to Leona).

Here are the rules: (I actually followed them this time, Lyn!!)
1. List your top five favorite musical artists.
2. List your top five favorite songs from each artist.
3. Tag five people to do the same.


1. Herbert Grönemeyer (for when I’m pissed off)
2. Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (for when I’m really feeing catty)
3. Zarah Leander (for when I need a stiff martini and a cigar)
4. Rogers & Hammerstein (for when I’m feeling Martha Grahm, Martha Grahm)
5. Ute Lemper (for when I’m feeling, uh, er, ehem…ultra pious and devout, yeeeah!)


1. Halt mich
2. Männer
3. Stück von Himmel
4. Leb in meiner Welt
5. Schmetterlinge im Eis


1. Wo ist der Kaiser?
2. Ding Dong
3. s’Muaterl
4. Samurai
5. Es steht ein Haus


1. Kann die Liebe Sünde sein?
2. Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzählt
3. Er heißt Waldemar
4. Yes, Sir
5. Ich weiß es wird einmal ein Wunder gescheh’n


1. You’ll Never Walk Alone
2. Hello, Young Lovers
3. Climb Every Mountain
4. Honey Bun
5. Shall We Dance


1. Das Lila Lied
2. Sex-Appeal
3. Peter, Peter, komm zu mir zurück
4. Ich bin ein Vamp!
5. Das Lied von Mackie Messer

Taggèd Personages:

1. Charles in CA – My comrade in seersucker
2. Paula Beehive – Hand the gal a mic!
3. Carl Close – Let’s hear it for the Ascension bass section!
4. Paula Beehive’s Anonymous Poster – we want everyone to partissipate, hon!
5. Any Roman priest who can decline the word “res” (Anyone? Anyone?)


Motherhen said...

You really like Climb Every Mountain better than Edilweiss (sp? sorry)

I'll post my pics in a few.

Jason Pennington said...

OOOOOHHH YEEEAH! Edelweiss is "nice", but Mother Sup delivers a formidible tour de force. In the movie, her voice comes up from her toes, circles around her bazoombas and issues the flighty Maria a serious maternal bitch slap, but in a very kind way. Great number for vocations too. I like especially because it doesn't necessarily mean that "vocations" means get to a nunery or a priestery or a monkery. It means find YOUR vocation, whatever it is. I'm waiting for some priest to have the balls to say "let us pray for vocations to the single unmarried life." I dare any priest to say that out loud.


Brian Michael Page said...

I knew a UCC minister that once did his benediction to the tune of Edelweiss.

My favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein number actually had a little bit of help by Homer Simpson:

Homer Simpson Do-Re-Mi.

DO - I pay to by my beer.
RE - the guy that pours my beer.
MI - the guy that drinks the beer.
FA - a long way from my beer.
SO - I think I'll have a beer.
LA - la la la la la beer.
TI - No thanks, I'll have a beer.
That will bring us back to (Homer looks into empty glass): DOH!


Mr. C said...

Okay, JP, Mine's up......
Hopefully for not more than four hours, oops, my bad.

Lyn F. said...

Good on you, Jason! :-D

As for memeage - I have my LiveJournal and Harry Potter FanFiction friends, not to mention some of our mutual MySpace buddies, to thank for the more creative ones. :-)

Motherhen said...

Brian, that is soooo funny! I'm going to sing it to dh in my best Julie Andrew's voice.

Motherhen said...

Jason & Brian, I have my answers up.