Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Umpires recruited from Community Service
Umpires recruited from the Tard Squad

Take your pick! They're the same two idiots we had to deal with the last time we played this particular team. We've only had them three times all year. They are by far the absolute WORST umpires, hands down, that I've seen in the seven years I've had a daughter in this league (my older daughter Jessica also played at one point). They're inconsistant with their calls (in the corner just at the knees when our team is batting is a strike, but it's a ball when we're pitching - same exact location). They put up a stink about chin straps. This is the first time in 18 games I've seen an ump complain about chin straps. No other umpire has done this, including the head honcho. They called a foul ball that hit the dirt strike three (the ball clearly hit the dirt, never landing in the catcher's glove). These girls were DISGUSTED!

Needless to say, we lost 8-2. Brittany pitched the first, giving up four runs. She was walking more batters than normal as she seemed to have some control issues. It was discovered, two innings later, that they had given her a ball that's normally used for the instructional division (ages 5-8) that's the same color (green) and size, but considerably softer. This might have explained the control issues.

Batting wise, she went 0 for 1 (a whiff and a walk).

Our record is now a still-very-respectable 13-5 (.722 win percentage). Brittany's batting average is .545 (12 for 22).

Next game: Friday at 6. Hopefully we won't see these umps again. They'd make better use as puppets for St. Joan's or voodoo doll statues for Call to Action.


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Mr. C said...

"Tard Squad" Brian?
Been watching too much DROP DEAD GORGEOUS of late?