Sunday, June 15, 2008


All-Star Tournament Edition I

Well, Brittany's all-star softball team finished third in a tourney in Warwick this weekend, winning the first game 10-2 on Friday, but losing two games on Saturday, 12-2 and 9-0.

In game 1, Britt was hit by a pitch and walked twice.
In game 2, she struck out and got plunked again.
In game 3, she whiffed twice, but then hit an infield single in the last inning and took second on the pitcher's throwing error. In that game, her single was the only hit. One other girl walked in a previous inning for the only other baserunner. Both runners were stranded at third.

This Tuesday, her regular team beings playoff action at 6 PM.
The next all-star tourney will be June 26-29, also in Warwick.

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Motherhen said...

E got hit with a pitch Sunday in his ribs. A large round bruise with stitching is imprinted on his chest!