Sunday, June 8, 2008


Busy Weekend Edition

One busy weekend:
Last Friday: game
Last night and this morning: All-Star practice (oh, did I mention? Brittany made the All-star team for the second straight year!)
This afternoon: game
Tomorrow night: game

Anyhoo: let's look at today's game...

OK - we lost. Those things happen. It wasn't a bad smokeout. It wasn't bad umpiring. We just lost, that's all. Final score was 8-6. We're still 14 wins and 6 losses with only 2 regular season games to go. That's a .700 win percentage.

As for Brittany's hitting: 1 for 1 - a single and two walks, raising her average to .560 (14 for 25).

She also pitched an inning, walking two, striking out two, but gave up a solo homer (inside the park) to start the inning and a couple of hits to score another run.

Next game is tomorrow night at 6, then Wednesday at 6 will be the final game of the regular season. This Saturday, the all-star team plays its first tourney (expecting to play in AT LEAST three games). I'll very likely be traveling from the field to Holy Cross (I'm subbing for the weekend - hey, we need the money!) and BACK to the field that day. This is the first of four tourneys slated for this summer.

Playoffs for Brittany's regular team will be running from June 19-30. All the teams are in the playoffs, but the position in the standings determines seed. The playoffs are single elimination this year, and the last two teams standing will play a best two of three. This is a bit different as up until now it's always been double elimination. So this should be interesting.


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