Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sportschau im ChristusVincit

Our Lady of Fatima pulled through for us to deliver a glorious win for Germany over Portugal in the quarter finals of the Europa Meisterschaft! Some tongue-in-cheek witnesses claim that for a short period, the sun featured black, red, and gold stripes and danced around the sky, and others claim to have seen a stout image of Henry the Navigator pointing out Berlin on a map and gesturing a “thumbs up”. At any rate, the victory set the team against Turkey for last night's first semifinal in Basel. Then, midway through the second half with a little more than 6 minutes of play left, someone tripped over the extension cord in Vienna, and television reception was lost Europe-wide. According to the rules, broadcasters had to obtain their video from the official Viennese feed, while only a local station maintained a fiber optic video feed directly from the stadium and were able to see Germany’s semifinal win against the Turks, 3:2. The winner of the second semifinal between Spain and Russia will determine Germany’s opponent for the finals scheduled for Sunday in Vienna (20:45 local time). The German news network ZDF is promising “uninterrupted broadcast” for the finals. Meantime, Vienna has some ‘splainin’ to do. Read more about the EM at Hang out your Black, Red, and Gold!

Consumer tip for Lafayette/Youngsville fans: Nunu’s Grocery in Youngsville sells K├Ânig Ludwig Weizen, the official beer of Christus Vincit In Louisiana for the EM-2008!

Responsible Weizen drinking tip: do not drink this beer straight from the bottle. You must pour it into a proper Weizen glass so the yeast doesn’t settle at the bottom.


Motherhen said...

I was wondering why ESPN had on their scroll "the World Cup recast of Germany vs Turkey will be broadcast without technical difficulties at xyz time" We were watching Fresno State beat Georgia for the College World Series.

When our exchange student stayed with us 3 years ago, Germany was in the finals then too. Obviously, we're not big soccer fans, but her enthusiasm for the sport was contagious and we watched the matches with my brother in law who's big into soccer. She said that on the way to games, people sing in the trains all of the fight songs and carry on and have a wonderful time.

So, since I have an "exchange daughter" living in Germany, I"m rooting for them!

Mr. C said...

What? Jason?
In all your futbol fever, you couldn't notice that our local FRESNO STATE MENS' BULLDOG BASEBALL TEAM just WON the 2008 NCAA Collegiate World Series?
I generally don't mention my MA was from that institution, but now since they're winners, well, that's another story!
We gone to Sizzler, we gone to Sizzler!